Who manufactures DIFF Eyewear?

Who manufactures DIFF Eyewear?

Like all ambitious millennials, the creators of DIFF know what it’s like to hustle. All three co-founders – Zach Gordan, 27, Chad Jernigan, 31, Chad Dime, 29, – were working at music festivals in the lucrative eyewear industry as competitors.

Who owns DIFF Eyewear?

Chad Jernigan –
Chad Jernigan – Founder – DIFF Eyewear | LinkedIn.

Where are DIFF glasses made?

We use premium materials and maintain exceptionally high standards for quality and social responsibility. Designed in our Southern California studio, each pair of frames is handmade with care.

What brand is DIFF?

DIFF Charitable Eyewear is an emerging high growth US based eyewear brand providing an eclectic assortment of women’s and men’s fashion eyewear and accessories including sunglasses, blue light, Rx and reading glasses.

Are DIFF sunglasses popular?

The glasses brand has become widely popular on Instagram for its cool styles and philanthropic message. This list of best-sellers have thousands of five-star reviews on the DIFF Eyewear website.

When did DIFF Eyewear start?

Brand information DIFF Eyewear began trading in 2014. The company says that it uses premium materials but offers its products at affordable prices. DIFF also has a partnership with the charity Sightsavers.

Where does DIFF Eyewear ship from?

A quick look at the packaging slip shows us that Diff Eyewear handles their own order fulfillment and shipping from their warehouse in California.

Is DIFF Eyewear owned by Luxottica?

DIFF Does Things Differently But what many don’t know is that most of the brands we base that judgment on are owned by the same company – Luxottica.

Are DIFF polarized?

Get your glow on with DIFF luxury, polarized sunglasses. Not only do we offer timeless styles, but these polarized sunglasses also reduce harsh glares and reflections. Get ready to view the world and all of its beauty without the negative effects of bright sunlight on your eyes.

Are diff sunglasses popular?

Does DIFF Eyewear have prescription?

Look good and feel good with our high-end prescription glasses, offering UV protection as well as polarized and anti-reflective lenses. Any of our prescription glasses frames can also be turned into polarized sunglasses or photochromic glasses. Great experience.

Does Diff make progressive lenses?

Progressive (PAL) – Corrective lenses that are designed to give clear vision for distance, intermediate, and near vision all in one lens. We currently do not offer this option.

Why choose DIFF Eyewear?

Be your best self with a pair of fashionable sunglasses. DIFF Eyewear is the designer sunglasses brand that doesn’t break your wallet. We carry both womens sunglasses and mens sunglasses, many designs are inspired by the celebrities we work with and their style. Our collaborations contain unique styles that can’t be found elsewhere.

What kind of sunglasses does diff sell?

Check out our mens, womens, and kids sunglasses. Shop our range of shapes & styles from bold, oversized sunglasses to sleek cat eye sunglasses or adventurous aviators. And remember, every DIFF purchase helps provide the gift of sight to someone in need through medicine, eye exams, glasses, and more.

Why buy from Diff?

For every pair of luxury sunglasses you buy, DIFF helps provide the gift of sight to someone in need. Not only great quality, but so very stylish. Happy to add to my sunnies collection and be giving back to a meaningful cause! These are the most complimented sunglasses I’ve ever had!!

What is diff’s vision?

At DIFF, we believe VISION IS POWER. That’s why we are committed to creating a world where everyone has access to the vision care they need. Since our launch, it’s been our mission to use fashion as a force for good. It’s because of YOU that we are able to reach this mission.