Who makes the cologne diesel?

Who makes the cologne diesel?

Diesel is an Italian clothing brand founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978. The company is best known for its denim collection, and its clothing lines and accessories are aimed solidly at the young consumer.

What kind of fuel is Diesel?

Diesel fuel is the common term for the distillate fuel oil sold for use in motor vehicles that use the compression ignition engine named for its inventor, German engineer Rudolf Diesel. He patented his original design in 1892. Diesel fuel is refined from crude oil and from biomass materials.

What is the new Diesel aftershave?

Only the Brave is the iconic male fragrance by Diesel, a modern perfume for a self-assured leader who achieves his dreams with conviction. Its emblematic bottle, a clenched fist, conveys the brave values: masculinity, power and self-confidence.

Is Diesel only for the brave good?

This is a really good fragrance, but not great, a nice blend of leather/light amber/animalic with clean fresh notes and a surprisingly sweet/fruity top note. Longevity is excellent, with good sillage.

What is fuel for life Homme by diesel?

Fuel for Life Homme by Diesel is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. Fuel for Life Homme was launched in 2007. Fuel for Life Homme was created by Annick Menardo and Jacques Cavallier.

What is your review of diesel fuel for life?

Simply amazing! Diesel’s Fuel for Life is a very fruity fragrance (raspberry), creamy, warm, sensual, love the bottle its wrapped in a cool vintage coat wrapping, it projects very well (at least on my skin) 3 sprays is enough for me it will last all day, recommended age group…someone in there 20’s, overall you can sport this anytime of the day.

Is fuel for life Homme worth waiting for the drydown?

The drydown is usually worth waiting for though. For example this one starts off with a blast of very bitter grapefruit. Fuel for Life Homme is a soft, spicy anise + heliotrope. Heliotrope gives it a sort of creamy candy vibe and makes it very unisex, in my opinion.

What does diesel fuel for life smell like?

But, being as fair and objective as I can, I’d say that Diesel Fuel for Life is a pleasant, easy to like, easy to wear fragrance. It’s very versatile; it suits all ages, and works on most occasions. It’s fresh and masculine; youthful, modern, and energizing. I can definitely smell a lot of anise and lavender, livened up by fresh, bitter citrus.