Who is Thurston&sons?

Who is Thurston&sons?

With business booming, the company became C.E. Thurston & Sons in 1946 and steadily expanded its contracting services throughout Virginia. In 1991, Thurston acquired the South Carolina insulation contractor Mechanical Insulation Services Inc.

Why choose CCE Thurston and Sons?

C.E. Thurston and Sons became involved in asbestos litigation without ever manufacturing a single asbestos-containing product. Thurston installed, repaired, removed and distributed asbestos insulation made by other companies until the late 1970s.

What happened to ECE Thurston&sons?

C. E. Thurston & Sons has faced thousands of asbestos-related lawsuits because of its distribution of asbestos products. In 1997, prior to filing for bankruptcy, the company was part of a precedent-setting asbestos case that involved the Federal Enclave Clause, which protects government lands from being sued in asbestos litigation.

Who is Thurston insulation?

C.E. Thurston started the company in 1919 to provide contracting services for mechanical packing manufacturers in the southern part of Virginia. The company quickly added insulation contracting to its business, offering distribution, installation, repair and removal services.