Who is the strongest Deathstroke?

Who is the strongest Deathstroke?

Technically, I’d say Cyberverse Deathstroke:

  • Is the most powerful version of Deathstroke.
  • However, he is only powerful in his Cyberverse where.
  • This version is virtually omnipotent and omniscient in his Cyberverse.
  • Now, there are two other versions who could be arguably more powerful, unless in the Cyberverse.
  • Who is:

Who can beat Deathstroke in Marvel?

Assuming the assassin finds his way to Earth 616, here is our list of 5 Marvel heroes Deathstroke could beat, and 5 who would beat him….Who can beat taskmaster?

  • 10 Beaten: Iron Man.
  • 9 Lost: Deadpool.
  • 8 Beaten: Venom.
  • 7 Lost: Sue Storm.
  • 6 Beaten: Captain America.
  • 5 Lost: Mr. X.
  • 4 Beaten: Miles Morales.
  • 3 Lost: Red Hulk.

How do I beat Deathstroke?

1) As Deathstroke (DS -shorter) seem to become both faster and more deady in the proces of the 3 “rounds” f the fight. So in round 1, practice countering and follow most counters with 2-4 hits on him. In round 1 DS is apparenty lazy and not as fast as round 2 and 3.

Is it worth it to play as Deathstroke?

Yes, but in a different way. Deathstrokes fight just put a very hard obstacle in way of players very eary in the game. Deathstroke is very wel made, and I actually LIKE that it is a “game of patience” to beat him, to some extend. Plus you’ll develop superfast reflexes if u hang on to beat him.

Who is Deathstroke in the DC Universe?

In Infinite Crisis, Deathstroke is one of the most important members of the Society, a massive group of supervillains that bands together under Lex Luthor (who’s really Alexander Luthor in disguise). One of the Society’s missions targets the Freedom Fighters, a group of patriotic heroes.

Is Deathstroke the most dangerous assassin?

Deathstroke is one of the most dangerous assassins in comic book history, and he has repeatedly shown that he can take down DC’s mightiest heroes. In Identity Crisis, Slade Wilson almost single-handedly defeated the Justice League, and he also gave Batman one of the his worst pre- Knightfall beatdowns with ease.