Who is the owner of Migros?

Who is the owner of Migros?

Anadolu Grubu
Migros (Turkey)

Type Anonim Şirket
Key people Ömer Özgür Tort – General Manager
Owner Anadolu Grubu
Number of employees 26,779 (2018)
Website migroskurumsal.com

Which country is Migros from?


Native name (in German) Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (in French) Fédération des coopératives Migros (in Italian) Federazione delle cooperative Migros
Founded 1925
Founder Gottlieb Duttweiler
Headquarters Zürich , Switzerland
Products Supermarkets, food industry, petrol, electronics, books, home-wares, etc.

Is Migros a non profit?

With sales of CHF 28.7 billion (2019), the Migros Group is Switzerland’s largest retailer, and with over 106 000 employees, it is also Switzerland’s largest private employer. Migros is owned by its more than 2 million cooperative members, organised into ten regional cooperatives.

What belongs to Migros?

The Federation of Migros Cooperatives owns nine leading commercial enterprises, including the discounter Denner, the convenience specialist Migrolino, e-bike provider m-way and gas station operator and mineral oil supplier Migrol.

How many employees does Migros have?

99 000 employees
With sales of CHF 29.9 billion (2020), the Migros Group is the largest retailer in Switzerland, and around 99 000 employees, it is the country’s largest private-sector employer.

What does Migros do?

Migros is the largest supermarket chain in Switzerland. They sell everything from packaged food to fresh produce, staple foods, drinks, pre-cooked meals, desserts, toiletries, confectionery and clothes… You name it. However, if you’re looking for alcohol or cigarettes, your endeavours will fail.

What is cheaper Migros or Coop?

Coop. Coop is slightly more expensive than Migros. The difference isn’t huge, but it’s there.