Who is the omnipotent being in DC?

Who is the omnipotent being in DC?

Presence (DC Comics)

The Presence
Created by Jerry Siegel (writer) Bernard Baily (artist)
In-story information
Notable aliases Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim
Abilities Omnipotence Omnipresence Omniscience Immortality

How many DC characters are omnipotent?

Actually, there’s only one omnipotent being in Marvel and DC. THE ONE ABOVE ALL for Marvel.

Is Phantom Stranger nigh omnipotent?

Recently, (the New 52), the Phantom Stranger has shown to use his power more frequently and with less restriction, even frequently fighting other beings. His powers include immortality, utilizing cosmic and mystical power in vast degrees, teleportation, mastery of magic beyond almost anyone, nigh omniscience and more.

Is The Presence the most powerful DC character?

The Presence has undergone many different forms and is known by many different names in the DC Universe, including Yahweh, The Voice, The Hand, The Source, The Presence and, oddly enough, Wally. There is no character more powerful or stronger than The Presence.

Who is stronger the presence or the writer?

Probably is the Writer. The Presence was rather a god of the DC Vertigo Universe. While The Writer (Grant Morrison) is the true supreme being of the Whole DC Universe.

Who is the true God of DC?

The Presence, also known as ‘the Voice’, is the omnipresent deity and Creator of the DC Universe. Angelic and demonic characters such as the Spectre, the Word, the Radiant, Eclipso, Zauriel and Lucifer were created by this being.

Is the Beyonder nigh omnipotent?

Yes. Beyonder (pre-retcon) was positioned as a true omnipotent being, confirmed by the writer.

Is Judas Iscariot the Phantom Stranger?

In Phantom Stranger (vol. 4) #0, it is confirmed that Phantom Stranger was once known as Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus. In this origin tale he is about to hang himself when his suicide attempt is stopped by a mysterious group of individuals.

Can Spectre beat Dr Manhattan?

Stalemate. Spectre cannot truly kill Dr. Manhattan as he isn’t really alive and is basically a god himself. Neither can Dr.

Who is the presence in DC Comics?

The Presence is the creator of the DC Multiverse. He is omnipotent and can do anything. Not much is known about the Presence what we do know is very vague. We know at some point of time he created the DC Universe.

Is the presence really omnipotent?

Is the Presence really Omnipotent. YES. heres why. As people know the great evil beast itself is gods evil half the 1st evil and many say the great evil beast isn’t omnipotent but if we considered the fact the presence absorbed it! Yes absorbed a omnipotent being! Both hands literally reaching!

Is DC the presence of God?

The fact the presence is based on the literal “Biblical Judeo God” having the same name Yahweh aka God in real life and we know DC is religious based and holds beliefs to the Bible so ima bet a golden dollar and say…. The presence is Omnipotent,Omnipresent,Omniscient and Omnibenevolent as our real life god.

Who is DC’s the presence?

Where Marvel has The One Above All and Image Comics has Mother, DC’s omnipotent creator of all things is known as The Presence. Only making a handful of nuanced appearances, The Presence is the Source of Creation, birthing the vast cosmic energies that inhabit the multiverse. His power, like his counterparts, extends into the Omniverse.