Who is the No 1 mathematician in the world and why?

Who is the No 1 mathematician in the world and why?

Isaac Newton is a hard act to follow, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Carl Gauss. If Newton is considered the greatest scientist of all time, Gauss could easily be called the greatest mathematician ever.

Who has the most Top 10 hits ever?

Drake has broken the record for the most top 10 singles in the history of the US Billboard chart, overtaking previous record-holder Madonna.

What is the top selling album of all time?


What is the biggest selling album of all time in the world 2020?

The top selling album of all time in the United States based on certified unit sales is currently the Eagles’ Greatest Hits, with 38 million copies sold.

What is the most downloaded app in the world?


Who spent the longest at number 1?

Bryan Adams

Who has the most #1 albums?

Most number-one albums

Albums Artist
19 The Beatles
14 Jay-Z
11 Barbra Streisand
Bruce Springsteen

What is the most sold game?


What kind of math do mathematicians use?

College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus I, II, and III, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Theory of Analysis, Complex Analysis. This is a very basic list; most mathematicians will study all the math they can and will study additional topics depending on their interests.

What is the best board game in the world?

Classic Board Games

  • Clue. Clue is a suspenseful murder mystery game that turns everyone into a detective.
  • Candy Land. The sweet game of Candy Land conjures up fond childhood memories for us.
  • Monopoly.
  • Scrabble.
  • Battleship.
  • Risk.
  • Stratego.
  • Axis & Allies.

What’s the highest selling Call of Duty?

Call of Duty: Black Ops

What is the most downloaded game of all time?

Candy Crush Saga

Which game is most downloaded in 2020?

The mystery-party-action game ‘Among Us’ has become the most downloaded mobile game on both Android and iOS app stores in 2020, beating out games such as PUBG Mobile and Roblox. According to data released by Apptopia, ‘Among Us’ garnered 264 million downloads globally and 41 million in the US.

How many #1 does Lady Gaga have?

Its lead single, “Perfect Illusion”, debuted at number one in France, while second single “Million Reasons” reached number four in the US. When Joanne reached number one in the US, Gaga became the first woman to have four number-one albums in the nation during the 2010s….

Lady Gaga discography
Box sets 2

Are mathematicians lazy?

Mathematicians are lazy; sometimes they will work for years and years to avoid doing something difficult. (Descartes invented analytic geometry to avoid the hard work involved in solving some geometrical problem he was studying.)

What is the best selling game of all time 2020?

Grand Theft Auto V

What singer has the most number one hits?