Who is the head of Alton College?

Who is the head of Alton College?

Sara Russell
The Principal and Chief Executive of Alton College, Sara Russell added: “Alton College has a long and rich history as an outstanding tertiary and Sixth Form College, serving the needs of Alton and East Hampshire for 40 years and this partnership represents a new and exciting chapter for the College and the local …

How many students does Alton College have?

Today, approximately 2,000 students from more than 97 different state and independent schools travel from across four counties to study the district facility. Located on Old Odiham Road, Alton College currently offers a broad range of A-Levels on its 16-acre campus, having increased over the years from 19 to 81.

How many A levels can you take at Havant College?

With nearly 40 different A Levels at HSDC, you might find it hard to pick! One of the good things about A Levels is that you don’t have to take subjects you don’t enjoy. You get to pick three subjects that you’re good at, interested in, and will help you progress onto the career or university course you want.

What does Hsdc stand for?


Acronym Definition
HSDC High-Speed Data Card
HSDC High School Design Competition (architecture competition)
HSDC High Speed Digital Chart
HSDC Homeland Security Defense Coalition (professional development and continuing education programs)

Is Alton College private?

Welcome to Alton School We are an independent co-educational Catholic school in beautiful Hampshire, on the outskirts of Alton.

Is Alton College a good college?

August 20, 2019. Results published this morning show that Alton College has once again achieved excellent A Level and Vocational results with a stunning 99% pass rate.

What is a pre t level?

You’ll need a GCSE Grade 4 in English/and or Maths to start your T Level. This course introduces you to the T Level curriculum and includes English and Maths support and up to two GCSE resits to help you hit the entry requirements. …

What is at level qualification?

T Levels are a new, two-year qualification for 16-19 year olds, aimed at combining real-world practical work experience with classroom studies that will give young people the head start towards a future career.

Can I go to university with T Levels?

Your T Level will be worth UCAS points – a T Level Distinction* is worth the same as 3 A levels at A* – and will be recognised by universities and other education providers so you can choose to continue studying if you wish.

Are T Levels hard?

They’re not an easy option and you’ll have to work hard. You’ll spend 80% of your time in the classroom learning the theory and practical skills. Then, for the other 20% or 45 days minimum, you’ll put it into action on an industry placement with an employer.

What is replacing BTEC?

The Department for Education (DfE) plans to make A Levels and their new technical alternative, T Levels, the main further education qualifications at age 16 in England. They’ll sit alongside apprenticeships.

What’s it like to go to Alton College?

Find out what’s been going on at Alton. Let us know your thoughts on the HSDC website. Get a head start on getting around college before you start. The college is a bright and happy place, everyone is kind and friendly to each other.

What is BTEC Higher National Diploma in business?

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business. The BTEC Higher National qualifications in Business are aimed at students wanting to continue their education through applied learning. Higher Nationals provide a wide-ranging study of the business sector and are designed for students who wish to pursue or advance their career in business.

What can you do with a BTEC degree?

Other avenues towards a university degree is the BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC), which is equivalent to 1 year at university, or the Higher National Diploma (HND), equivalent to 1st and 2nd year of university. World of Work: BTECs provide you with the practical knowledge and skills to enter the world of work.

What is a BTEC Level 3 course?

BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma/Diploma in IT: This course is well suited to people who wish to use computers creatively… The study programme is made up of the following strands: Portfolio Work: BTEC Level 2 Work skills Functional Skills Maths… GCSE English and maths at A* to C (or equivalent) and a UCAS Tariff score of 48-64 from a full…