Who is the girl in the Aflac commercial?

Who is the girl in the Aflac commercial?

Jammie Patton
Jammie Patton, from Atlanta, Georgia, was chosen to be in Aflac’s newest commercial starting in June.

Who is sara in the geico commercial?

Meredith Anne Bishop (born January 15, 1976) is an American actress, writer and producer.

Who is the guy in the Aflac commercial?

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders reveals what he learned from Nick Saban while filming Aflac commercial. If Deion Sanders is going to be a long time successful college football head coach, he might as well learn from the best.

Who are the two guys in the new Aflac commercial?

Aflac creates new Deion Sanders, Nick Saban commercials; donates $75,000 to Jackson State. Deion Sanders’ latest promotion has a purpose. Insurance company Aflac announced “The Comeback,” a new commercial series featuring the Jackson State coach and Alabama coach Nick Saban for the college football season.

Who is coach Brown in Aflac commercial?

Liked by JB Brown (The Aflac Guy) ′′ He is 85 and insists on taking his…

Who is the black couple in the Aflac commercial?

The football legends and star power of Deion Sanders and Nick Saban merge two genres in college football – the FBS and HBCU. According to Aflac, the coaches will have a series of commercials with the Aflac Duck.

How much does Nick Saban make from Aflac commercial?

Saban’s 2017 pay of $11.6 million was a bit of an anomaly since he earned a one-time $4 million bonus as part of the contract he signed that year….More videos from.

Contract year Average $ Total $
2017 $8.2 million $65.2 million
2018 $9.2 million $73.8 million
2021 $10.6 million $84.8 million

What happened to coach Brown?

What Happened to Jason Brown After Last Chance U. Following his conclusion at Indy, Brown received eight felony charges related to blackmail and identity theft in 2019, as well as two misdemeanor charges of false communication.