Who is the Dean Faculty of Engineering University of Ruhuna?

Who is the Dean Faculty of Engineering University of Ruhuna?

. P.D. Chandana Perera
Administrative Staff

Dean-Faculty of Engineering
Dr. P.D. Chandana Perera B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, C.Eng, MIE(SL), Member (IEEE).
Head -Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

How many Faculty in Ruhuna University?

ten faculties
The University of Ruhuna has ten faculties: Agriculture, Engineering, Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management and Finance, Medicine, Science, Graduate studies , Technology and Allied Health Sciences.

Where the University of Ruhuna situated?

The University is organized into ten faculties throughout the southern province of Sri Lanka. Its 72 acres (29 ha) main campus is located in the Wellamadama complex in Matara….Library.

Library, University of Ruhuna
Country Sri Lanka
Type Academic and Research
Established 1978
Location Matara

What is the best technology faculty in Sri Lanka?

The University of Jaffna
Welcome To Faculty of Technology! The University of Jaffna is the oldest and highest ranked higher education institution in the country, and the establishment of new faculty will be another step in its journey to excel in various fields of education.

Who is the chancellor of University of Peradeniya?

P.W. Epasinghe
University of Peradeniya

පේරාදෙණිය විශ්වවිද්‍යාලය பேராதனைப் பல்கலைக்கழகம்
University of Peradeniya Crest
Endowment LKR 2.265 billion
Chancellor P.W. Epasinghe
Vice-Chancellor Upul B.Dissanayake

Who is the vice chancellor of University of Moratuwa?

N. D. GunawardenaUniversity of Moratuwa / Vice-chancellor

What is the best engineering faculty in Sri Lanka?

University of Peradeniya. Sri Lanka | Peradeniya.

  • University of Moratuwa. Sri Lanka | Moratuwa.
  • University of Colombo. Sri Lanka | Colombo.
  • University of Jaffna. Sri Lanka | Jaffna.
  • University of Ruhuna. Sri Lanka | Matara.
  • University of Sri Jayewardenepura.
  • University of Kelaniya.
  • Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.
  • What is the meaning of engineering technology?

    Engineering technology may be described as the “practical applications arm” of engineering. Once a project engineer has determined that an idea is theoretically feasible within the parameters observed in the physical world, the main task of the technologist is to translate the engineer’s idea into practical reality.

    Who is the Vice Chancellor of Jaffna University?

    S. SrisatkunarajahUniversity of Jaffna / Vice-chancellor
    Professor S. Srisatkunarajah assumed duties as the 9th Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna on 28th August 2020. He is an alumnus and an academic in Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the Faculty of Science, University of Jaffna since 2009.

    Who is the Vice Chancellor of University of Peradeniya?

    The Vice Chancellor – Prof. Atula Senaratne

    E-mail : [email protected]
    Tel ephone : +94 81 2392300 /+94 81 2392062

    Who is the vice chancellor of University of Sri Jayewardenepura?

    Sudantha Liyanage
    Sudantha Liyanage an evolutionary thinker, a dynamic personality and one of the most experienced and estute administrator in the University system was appointed as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewrdenepura by His Excellency the President and assumed duties as the Vice-Chancellor on the 09th of September …

    Who is the Chancellor of University of Colombo?

    Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero
    University of Colombo

    කොළඹ විශ්වවිද්‍යාලය கொழும்புப் பல்கலைக்கழகம்
    Motto Sanskrit: बुद्धिः शर्वत्र भ्रजते (Buddhih Sarvatra Bhrajate)
    Chancellor Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero
    Vice-Chancellor Chandrika N Wijeyaratne
    Academic staff 843

    When was the Faculty of Engineering established at University of Ruhuna?

    The Faculty of Engineering of University of Ruhuna was established on 1 st July 1999 at Hapugala, Galle. First batch of students was admitted on 27 th March 2000. Admission to the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna, is subject to the University Grants Commission policy on university admissions.

    How many candidates from University of Ruhuna made to the final 5?

    Two candidates from University of Ruhuna have made to the final 5 of IET Young Women Engineer (YWE) 2019 which is a remarkable achievement. On behalf of IET On Campus Ruhuna, we would like to express our warm wishes to both the great engineers. e Winner of IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2019

    What does the Faculty of Engineering offer?

    The Faculty of Engineering offers full-time courses leading to the Degree of Bachelor of the Science of Engineering (B.Sc.Eng.), which is accredited by the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL). Four academic departments in this Faculty are