Who is the best player in Geelong?

Who is the best player in Geelong?

Geelong best and fairest top 10

  • Tom Stewart (214 votes)
  • Jack Henry (212)
  • Tom Hawkins (189)
  • Isaac Smith (187)
  • Cameron Guthrie (182)
  • Mark Blicavs (156)
  • Brad Close (155)
  • Joel Selwood (147)

Who is number 1 Geelong?

Geelong Playing List for 2021

# ↧ Player Weight
1 Rhys Stanley 96kg
2 Zach Tuohy 91kg
3 Brandan Parfitt 79kg
4 Shaun Higgins 89kg

Who is leaving Geelong?

AFL 2021: Matthew Scarlett leaves Geelong, assistant coach changes at Cats, Chris Scott contract, off-season news.

Why is Geelong called the cats?

Geelong was nicknamed the ‘Cats’ in 1923 after a run of losses prompted a local cartoonist to suggest that the club needed a black cat to bring it good luck. Soon after, during a match a black cat ventured on to the ground. Geelong won that match, breaking the losing streak.

How tall is Tom Hawkins Geelong?

6′ 6″Tom Hawkins / Height

Thomas John Hawkins (born 21 July 1988) is an Australian rules footballer playing for the Geelong Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). At 198 cm (6 ft 6 in) tall and weighing 110 kilograms (240 lb), Hawkins has the ability to play as either a full-forward or centre half-forward.

Is Matthew Scarlett leaving Geelong?

Geelong legend Matthew Scarlett has confirmed he is stepping down as one of Chris Scott’s assistant coaches.

What is Matthew Scarlett doing now?

Scarlett, who is in Geelong’s hall of fame, has been an assistant coach since 2016. The 42-year-old is expected to take a break from coaching in 2022 after spending much of the past two seasons away from family and in hubs at various times.