Who is Ryuu?

Wiki | Fandom Ryuu (リユウ; Ryū) was Shirayuki ‘s previous mentor as a royal pharmacist. When they met he was a 12-year-old genius pharmacist known by many in his field. When he gets absorbed in his work he won’t hear anyone calling out to him.

How did Zen find Ryuu in Chapter 91?

In Chapter 91, when Zen, Shirayuki and Obi took shelter inside a cave from a heavy downpour, they met Ryuu, Kirito and Lata who were on the same stretch of road searching for a place to stay until the rain stopped. When Zen saw Ryuu he was shocked to see that Ryuu had grown up since the last time he saw him.

Why did Ryuu check Shirayuki’s body temperature?

When it was Shirayuki’s first time in the palace, Ryuu also checked Shirayuki’s body temperature in case Shirayuki got a fever which she did on the night of that day. In the Lilias Arc ( Chapter 87.5) after Ryuu got taller he told Shirayuki that he was happy that Shirayuki’s red hair which he liked was now at eye-level for him.

Why did Ryuu choose Shirayuki as his apprentice?

At a young age, Ryuu was brought to the capitol of Clarines to study as he was known to be a prodigy in medicines concerned with herbs and plants. When Shirayuki passed the palace pharmacist entrance exam, Ryuu requested her as his apprentice.