Who is Gutbrod?

The firm was founded by Wilhelm Gutbrod in 1926. It originally built motorcycles, then in 1930 expanded with the construction of small trucks (then standard vehicle factory GmbH), and from 1933 to 1935, Standard Superior cars were built with rear-mounted engines, tractors were built from with the company building garden and lawn tractors from 1957.

Who makes Gutbrod tractors?

Prior to its acquisition by Modern Tool and Die Company (MTD) in the year 1996, mainly manufacturing powered mowers and small tractors. Gutbrod today is one of the leading brands in outdoor power equipment. The tractors were sold as the following models:

What kind of engine does a Gutbrod Superior have?

The small Gutbrod Superior model was produced from 1950 to 1954 using the company’s own, front-mounted twin-cylinder two-stroke engines initially of 593cc. In April 1953 the engine size was increased to 663 cc for more expensive ‘Luxus 700’ versions of the car, while the standard model continued to be offered with the original smaller engine.

When did the Mercedes-Benz Gutbrod Superior get fuel injection?

An updated version of the Gutbrod Superior introduced in 1953 benefited from developments towards fuel injection undertaken by Mercedes-Benz dating initially from 1935: this Gutbrod was the first car in the world to be offered with fuel injection, some three years before fuel injection appeared in a production engine offered by Mercedes themselves.