Who is Dr Noel?

Who is Dr Noël?

Dr. Noël was the president of the College of Optometrists of Ontario and Co-Chair of the Eye Health Council of Ontario (EHCO). Dr. Noël is the son of Dr. Leon-Paul Noël, who is also a well-known Pediatric Ophthalmologist.

Who is Thomas-A Noel?

Dr. Thomas-A Noel, a practicing Optometrist in Ottawa, was a past President of the Ottawa Society of Optometrists from 2001-2004. Dr.

Where did Dr Noël go to school?

He then pursued his studies at the University of Montreal School of Optometry and graduated with a Doctorate in Optometry. After graduation, Dr. Noël did an externship at the Syracuse Veteran Hospital Department of Ophthalmology in Syracuse, New York, in conjunction with the Eye Consultants of Syracuse.

Where can Kendall Archibald Noel practise medicine?

Education: McGill University Faculty of Medicine an, 2000 (1) Dr. KENDALL ARCHIBALD NOEL may practise only in the areas of medicine in which Dr. NOEL is educated and experienced. Please note: This information may not be a complete record of postgraduate training.