Who is Comrod?

Who is Comrod?

Comrod, VHF Antennas, Marine VHF, are manufactures of military antennas, marine antennas, telescopic and sectional masts, power supplies, battery chargers and specialist composite products. Comrod products are associated with innovative, high quality communication solutions and long-lasting products.

Why Comrod Communication Group?

Comrod Communication Group is an international company with engineering development, production, sales & marketing of antennas and antenna systems, support masts, power supplies and battery chargers to the defence communication market.

Where is Comrod utility located?

Comrod Utility is located at Tau, close to Stavanger in south-eastern Norway. The new manufacturing plant opened in July 2017 with a large manufacturing capacity. Comrod Utility is part of the Comrod Communication AS group of companies.

What does Comrod do with Jerol?

Comrod Automated Payload Alignment Systems enables quick and effective deployment of communication or sensor assets without exposing personnel to unnecessary danger. Comrod acquires Jerol Industri AB to expand utility pole capability‚Ķ Perseverance is about to enter it’s most critical phase, landing on Mars.‚Ķ