Who is better Piplup Chimchar or Turtwig?

Who is better Piplup Chimchar or Turtwig?

Overall i would say, turtwig is one of the best when it comes to an all round GRASS type and GROUND type pokemon. Since there are not many good grass pokemon who can perform equally well. Also, like a typical grass type starter, raising it is easier. Chimchar, is kind of the coolest pokemon here.

Is Chimchar the best starter?

Arguably, Chimchar is the strongest choice of the three starters in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s story. Fire- and Fighting-type is an incredibly powerful combination, especially in the late game, where it can singlehandedly demolish most of the Elite 4 and even the Champion.

Is Turtwig better than Chimchar?

That now leaves us with Turtwig and Chimchar to choose from. Turtwig’s line is the more balanced defensive type, even with the powerful Earthquake, while Chimchar and its line are the more powerful offensively.

Why is Turtwig the best starter?

If you like turtles, then Turtwig is a very solid choice. He’s got one of the most unique typings in the entire extended Pokédex and has solid HP, defense, and attack stats. When it comes to Diamond and Pearl specifically, his typing makes him a strong competitor across multiple of the early-game gyms.

Is Piplup the best starter?

While the Piplup line has its strengths, there is a fundamental issue with its moves and its stats that make it the least effective starter for when it comes to traveling through Sinnoh. Piplup’s flaw is that its two strongest stats are Special Attack and Special Defense.

Who is the best starter in brilliant diamond?

The best starter for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is Chimchar.

Is Turtwig a good Pokémon?

Is Piplup or Turtwig better?

When Turtwig fully evolves it becomes grass and ground type, but only ground is super effective against Piplup when it fully evolves into Empoleon (water & steel type). Besides all that, Piplup is a great choice as it has high special defense and special attack.

How good is Piplup?

Piplup is one of those Pokemon who is best used strategically. It has the fewest weaknesses, which makes it useful in battles. Plus, it can learn water, ice and flying type moves thanks to its penguin resemblance. When it learns Peck, it also gets a Steel-type edge too.