Who does Eli Lilly donate to?

Who does Eli Lilly donate to?

The Lilly Foundation
The Lilly Foundation supports: Improving global health for people living in communities with limited resources. The Foundation provides support for Lilly 30×30, the company’s goal to improve health care for 30 million people, each year, by 2030.

How big is the Lilly Foundation?

In 1998, the Lilly Endowment became the wealthiest philanthropic endowment in the world in terms of assets (estimated value of $15.4 billion) and charitable giving….Lilly Endowment.

Founded 1937
Endowment $10.29 billion (as of 2016)
Website www.lillyendowment.org

What is the Lilly Grant?

HELPING TO PROMOTE EXCELLENCE IN PATIENT CARE As a component of this goal, Lilly provides financial support for projects that promote excellence in patient care and provide valuable information to healthcare professionals.

What does Eli Lilly do for the community?

Disaster Relief. Lilly works with leading disaster relief organizations to prepare for the worst and respond with our collective best. We do this through disaster readiness efforts, providing medicines when requested by our partners and supporting people and communities to help them recover.

How much is the Lilly family worth?

Over the course of her life, Lilly gave away the bulk of an estimated $800 million fortune, the source of which was Eli Lilly & Co., the pharmaceutical business established by her family in 1876.

Where is Lilly pharmaceuticals located?

Indianapolis, Indiana
Headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.

How many locations does Eli Lilly have?

Eli Lilly is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN and has 43 office locations across 33 countries.

Does Eli Lilly have any siblings?

Lilly traveled to Greencastle, Indiana, and returned with his wife, Emily, his sister, Anna Wesley Lilly, and son, Josiah.

Is Eli Lilly publicly traded?

In 1952, Eli Lilly and Co. became a publicly traded company.