Who do you give the fake ID to in me2?

Who do you give the fake ID to in me2?

the Asari
Upon handing them over to the Asari, they can now travel unabated, and in return, you’ll get Renegade points. If you don’t want to hand over the IDs, however, you can tell them that you’ll straighten stuff out with C-Sec for them (this is where the side quest will be renamed False Positives).

What do you do with the fake ID in me2?

If you have the fake IDs, simply give them to her and the assignment is complete, provided the Garrus loyalty mission has been completed.

Where is the forger in Mass Effect 2?

There is no forger per se. The ID is found in the Garrus loyalty mission. However there is the paragon option of being able to solve the asari’s problems.

Where is the Bailey in the Citadel Mass Effect 2?

Captain Bailey
Race Human
Role C-Sec Officer
Location Zakera Ward of the Citadel
Related Missions Garrus: Eye for an Eye Thane: Sins of the Father

How do I get Shepard VI?

The Shepard VI resides in the AI Core room at the back of Sickbay. You can find it in the refugee camp. Near Garrus. A girl in the back storage container has it.

How do I find Thane’s son?

Talk to Bailey On the other side of the tunnel, turn right and talk to Captain Bailey and ask about Thane’s son. Bailey find him in short order as there aren’t many Drell in Zakera Ward, talking to a young man named Mouse.

Who can you romance Mass Effect 2?

Main Romance – Male Shepard only:

  • Main Romance – Male Shepard only:
  • Jack.
  • Miranda Lawson.
  • Tali’Zorah vas Neema.
  • Main Romance – Female Shepard only:
  • Garrus Vakarian.
  • Jacob Taylor.
  • Thane Krios.

How do you get a Spectre reinstated?

Spectres appear to be stripped of their status once they are declared legally deceased. They have to be reinstated in once proof of living (e.g. appearing in person and passing biometric checks) is presented.

What happened captain Bailey?

Bailey in his office at the Embassies After the events earlier that year, Bailey, with the rank of Commander, is now in-charge of the C-Sec operations of the Citadel Embassies quarters.

Why did sidonis betray Garrus?

It turns out that the Blue Suns forced Sidonis to betray Garrus after capturing him on Omega. He’s also racked with guilt over his actions and surrenders to C-Sec if Shepard lets him go. Either way, he doesn’t show up in Mass Effect 3.

How do you interrogate Elias?

If you’ve been playing consistently Renegade and have a lot of Renegade points, you can pick the “I’m a Spectre. Start talking” Intimidate to get the target’s name out of Elias right off the bat. This will work even if you didn’t get your status re-instated by the Council, and you’ll get +5 Paragon and Renegade Points.

Can Tali and Shepard have a child?

Tali would not be able to have kids but not for the reason you said. She and Shepard already had sex. They are however incompatible when it comes to having kids.