Who did Steph Curry score 62 points on?

Who did Steph Curry score 62 points on?

Golden State Warriors
But after scoring a career-high 62 points for the Golden State Warriors in a 137-122 win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday night, Curry sent a clear message to his critics: Keep talking. “I like being talked about because there’s expectations,” he said.

How many 60 point game does Steph Curry have?

1 game
Stephen Curry had 1 game played with 60+ points.

When did Steph Curry drops 62?

Stephen Curry posted a career-high 62 points on 18-of-31 from the field and 8-of-16 from three-point range (previous: 54 points on 2/27/13 at NYK)…

What is Seth Currys career-high?

37 points
On February 28, 2020, Curry scored a career-high 37 points on 13-of-15 shooting and 8-of-9 from three-point range in a 126–118 loss to the Miami Heat.

How many 50 point games do Steph Curry have?

Jordan has 31 50-point games to his name in 1072 career regular-season games….More videos on YouTube.

Player 50-Point Games
1. James Harden 23
T2. LeBron James 12
T2. Damian Lillard 12
4. Stephen Curry 10

How did Stephen Curry score 62 points in a game?

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry dropped a career-high 62 points in a win against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday. Curry hit eight 3-point shots and 18 of his 19 free throws in his impressive outing, but it wasn’t just Curry’s pull-up shooting that allowed him to score 62 points.

What is Curry’s career-high in points?

Stephen Curry has career-high 62, Warriors beat Blazers By JANIE McCAULEY January 3, 2021 1 of 8 Golden State Warriors guard Damion Lee, right, pours water over the head of guard Stephen Curry (30) while celebrating Curry’s career-high 62 points against the Portland Trail Blazers in an NBA basketball game in San Francisco, Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021.

Was Draymond Green the secret behind Stephen Curry’s 62-point game?

The secret was Draymond Green. On the daily Locked On Warriors podcast, host Wes Goldberg reacted to Stephen Curry’s 62-point game and explained why it wasn’t just about Curry going insane shooting the ball. It was also Green who unlocked Curry:

What is Stephen Curry’s NBA All-Star record?

Booed during All-Star intros after years of tormenting Cleveland in the NBA Finals, Warriors star Stephen Curry won over fans with his splendid shooting. Curry shot 8-for-11 on 3-pointers in the first half of tonight’s All-Star game, setting a couple records: Stephen Curry set #NBAAllStar records with 6 threes in a quarter and 8 threes in a half.