Which type of transmission cooler is best?

Which type of transmission cooler is best?

  1. Editor’s Pick: Hayden Automotive 679 Rapid-Cool Transmission Cooler.
  2. Best Transmission Cooler for Import Cars: Hayden Automotive 402 Ultra-Cool.
  3. B&M 70268 SuperCooler.
  4. Mishimoto MMTC F2D-99SL Transmission Cooler.
  5. Mishimoto MMTC Ram-03SL Transmission Cooler.
  6. Mishimoto MMTC-K2-14 Transmission Cooler.

How much does it cost to install a transmission cooler?

As a DIY project, you’ll pay between $30 and $60 for the oil cooler and spend 1 1/2 to 2 hours on installation. You can have a local transmission shop install a transmission oil cooler in your vehicle. Expect to pay between $150 and $250 for the job.

What is too cold for a transmission?

The ideal temperature for it is 175 degrees, plus or minus 25 degrees, and when the transmission gets below zero degrees, it gets too thick. The fluid can also fail to lubricate parts when it is too cold, wearing parts down unnecessarily.

How big should my transmission cooler be?

You should get the biggest heavy duty transmission cooler that can fit on your car! The larger the cooler, the better it will be at lowering fluid temperature. The plate and fin and the stacked plate coolers offer a larger surface area to cool transmission fluid faster and better, which is why they are so popular.

Can you have too big of a transmission cooler?

Too big could be a concern if mounted in the front of the rad creating a loss of air flow to keep the engine cooled . Years ago , GM released a TSB about overcooling the transmission in cold climates . Transmission fluid would actually turn to somewhat of a gel .

Can a Hayden by-pass cooler be used for transmission cooling?

A Hayden by-pass cooler can be used in these applications. Many vehicles now feature CVT transmissions and use a liquid-to-liquid cooler for the transmission. While great for warming up the transmission fluid during cold starts, this does little to help cool the transmission fluid when ambient temperatures rise or a load in the vehicle is present.

What is Hayden coolers?

Hayden®Automotive engineers, manufactures and supplies a wide range of products designed to keep your car, truck or performance vehicle running cool. Hayden®oil coolers remove destructive heat generated in the transmission, engine and power steering systems to increase component life. The Leader in Automotive Cooling

Who invented the transmission cooler?

Since the invention of the transmission cooler by Mr. Perry Hayden in 1961, Hayden has continued to add innovative products to meet the needs of its customers while investing in continuous improvements and maintaining quality.

Why choose Hayden automotive?

Hayden Automotive engineers, manufactures and supplies a wide range of products designed to keep your car, truck or performance vehicle running cool. From fan clutches and electric fans to performance oil and transmission coolers, we’ve got what you need to protect your vehicle from damaging and performance robbing heat. Hayden Automotive