Which station is down for Tirupati Balaji?

Which station is down for Tirupati Balaji?

How to reach Tirupati by Rail. The main railhead of the place is Tirupati Railway Station that is linked with railway stations like Bangalore, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Madurai and Mumbai. Renigunta rail station is very close to the city and is at a distance of 15 km. Renigunta lies in Trivandrum-Delhi route.

What is railway station code of Tirupati?

Tirupati railway station (station code: TPTY) is a railway station located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

How can I go to Tirupati Balaji temple by train?

Tirupati Railway Station to Tirumala Temple Tirumala does not have its own railway station. The nearest railway station is in Tirupati, which is about 26 km from Tirumala. Tirupati railway station is a major railway station and is well equipped with five platforms and an escalator.

What is the station code of Tirupati Main?

The station code name of Tirupati Main is ‘TPTY’. As part of one of the busiest and populated Indian states, Andhra Pradesh, the Tirupati Main railway station is known amongst the top hundred train ticket booking and train traveling stations of the Indian Railway.

What is the significance of Tirupati Balaji Temple?

Tirupati Balaji temple is a very famous Hindu Vaishnavite Temple dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, situated in the hill town of Tirumal at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. It is believed that Lord Vishnu himself appeared here to save mankind in the troublesome Kaliyuga.

How many trains pass through Tirupati Main (TPTY) junction?

The total number of trains that pass through Tirupati Main (TPTY) junction is 148. Q) How many trains pass through the Tirupati Main Railway Station (TPTY)?

How to reach Tirupati?

Individual arriving at the capital of India, there are various sources to reach the destination. Services Offered By TTD Temple Individuals who wish to know how to reach Tirupati need not worry any more. there are multiple busses that commute from all the major cities to Tirupati.