Which region is Tano South in Ghana?

Which region is Tano South in Ghana?

Brong Ahafo Region
Tano South District is one of the 22 Districts in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

Who is the MCE of Tano South?

Tano South Municipal District
• Municipal Chief Executive Collins Offinam Takyi
Population (2021 Census)
• Total 87,219
Time zone UTC+0 (GMT)

In which district is bechem?

Tano South District

Region Ahafo
District Tano South District
Elevation 863 ft (263 m)
Population (2013)

Which district is Duayaw Nkwanta?

Tano North Municipal District
Duayaw Nkwanta is a town and the capital of Tano North Municipal District, a municipal in the Ahafo Region of Ghana. It is located close to Sunyani, the capital of Bono Region.

What is the meaning of Bechem?

Bechem. Bechem is a town and is the capital of Tano South district of the Ahafo of Ghana, and Bechem is the district capital for the Tano South Constituency. Bechem is located close to the capital town of Bono, Sunyani.

Which town is the center of Ghana?

Accra is the administrative, economic, and educational centre of Ghana.

What language does Ahafo Region speak?

It is the most important indigenous language of Ghana. It is the language of the Western, Central, Ashanti, Eastern, Brong Ahafo regions, and the northern portion of the Volta region of Ghana. A form of Akan is also spoken in South America, notably Suriname and Jamaica.

Who is Hon Freda Prempeh?

Freda Akosua Oheneafrewo Prempeh (born 23 January, 1966) is a Ghanaian politician, and Member of Parliament in the Seventh Parliament and Eighth Parliament of the fourth republic of Ghana representing Tano North Constituency in the Ahafo Region, Ghana.

Which district is yamfo in?

Yamfo is a town in the Ahafo Region of Ghana….

Entering town from the north on the road from Sunyani, Tanoso and Susuanso.
Yamfo Location of Wamahinso in Ghana
Coordinates: 7°13′N 2°13′W
Country Ghana