Which oboe reeds are best?

Which oboe reeds are best?

Top Best Oboe Reeds

  • Jones JR101MS Oboe Reed; Medium Soft.
  • Jiayouy 5Pcs Oboe Reeds Medium Soft Oboe Reed.
  • Sky Oboe Reeds.
  • Singin’ Dog Oboe Reed Medium.
  • BQLZR Bamboo Oboe Reeds German Style Handmade Oboe Soft Woodwind Instruments Accessories Multicolor Pack of 5.
  • Mallar student oboe reed.
  • Emerald Oboe Reed- Medium.

How much does a reed cost for oboe?

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Why are oboe reeds so expensive?

When compared to similar wind instruments, oboes are easily the most expensive over time. Oboes are expensive for many different reasons, but the most important are the cost of the exotic woods and other materials, and the skill in craftsmanship.

How long do reeds last oboe?

about 10-15 hours
Whether you buy or make reeds, the longevity of the reed always seems far too short. Oboe reeds last for about 10-15 hours of playing and usually no longer than one month after construction, though some reeds, un-played and kept in stable environments, may last longer .

Are Jones oboe reeds good?

The Jones oboe reed is one of the few commercial oboe reeds available with the long scrape used by nearly all professionals. Finest French cane is sorted, selected, and processed by skilled craftsmen, then the reeds are created using the world’s most advanced reed machinery.

Should you soak oboe reed?

Oboe reeds are soaked in water before playing so that they have the right level of moisture. Although some people leave their reeds soaking for 10 minutes or more, this leeches beneficial compounds found in the cane into water, lessening the reed’s lifespan, and so is not recommended.

What oboe reed should a beginner use?

Soft or Medium Soft The best oboe reeds for beginners are reeds that have less resistance. For the beginner oboist it is often recommend that one select a Soft or Medium Soft Reed. These reeds will be easier to play while the beginner oboe or bassoonist are developing his or hers embouchure.

Are oboe and bassoon reeds the same?

Oboe reeds, being much longer relative to their width, require concentrated pressure near the tip with more pressure from the sides of the mouth, whereas bassoon reeds are played with lips slightly more pouted and not necessarily aligned vertically.