Which is the best PDF reader app for Android?

Which is the best PDF reader app for Android?

8 Best Android PDF Reader Apps | 2022

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Foxit PDF Reader & Converter.
  3. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor.
  4. WPS Office + PDF.
  5. Google PDF Viewer.
  6. EBookDroid – PDF & DJVU Reader.
  7. PDF Reader Classic.
  8. PDF Viewer – PDF File Reader & Ebook Reader.

Does Google have a PDF reader?

PDF Viewer – Google Workspace Marketplace. PDF Viewer, Reader allows you to view PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT files directly in your browser without uploading the file to any servers.

What Google app reads PDF?

Google PDF Viewer
Google PDF Viewer is, as its name indicates, Google’s official PDF viewer. Usually, you can find all the features this app offers right on Google Drive, and thus the app’s main aim is to offer an option for when Google Drive isn’t available on your Android device.

How can I read PDF Files on my Android?

Open and read PDFs on Android.

  1. Download and install Acrobat Reader from the Google Play Store. Launch the app.
  2. On the bottom menu bar, select Files.
  3. Locate your PDF file on your Android and select it.
  4. Read your document. You can also adjust viewing and scrolling settings to your preferences.

Which reader is best for PDF?

Here is a list of the best PDF readers to help you choose yours:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a PDF reader you can download for free and compatible with most operating systems.
  • Foxit Reader.
  • Slim PDF.
  • Google Drive.
  • Nitro Reader.
  • Javelin PDF Reader.
  • PDF-XChange Editor.
  • Expert PDF Reader.

What is the default PDF reader for Android?

It usually happens with Google Drive’s PDF viewer. If that’s happening, you will have to disable or uninstall your PDF reader app. After that, open any PDF file, and you will be asked to choose a PDF reader. Select the app of your choice from the available list.

Where is my Google PDF viewer?

  1. In Google Drive click on “New” and choose “More” at the bottom of the menu options.
  2. Type PDF into the search box and locate the app “PDF Viewer.” Click on the blue “Connect” button.
  3. Single click on a PDF in Google Drive.
  4. PDF viewer has it’s own sharing link.

How do I change my PDF viewer on Android?

Step 1: Go to Settings of your phone and tap on Apps & notifications/Installed Apps/App Manager depending on the option available on your phone. Step 2: Tap on the app that is opening your PDF file. Step 3: Tap on Clear defaults, if available on your phone.

How do I get Google PDF viewer?

Where can I find Google PDF viewer?

PDF Viewing is now available directly in Google Drive. For environments where this cannot be deployed, Google PDF Viewer offers the same capabilities in a standalone app. View, print, search and copy text from pdf documents while you’re on the go.

How can I view PDF files on my Android without downloading?

It is simple. Go to settings and then advanced settings. Now go to site settings and then to PDF documents. In PDF documents, disable ‘Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome’ as shown in figure.

Why can’t my Android open PDF files?

To fix a PDF file not opening in Adobe reader, you will need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. After which you will disable the protected mode that comes with it by default. Once this is changed, the issue of the PDF file not opening in Adobe reader will be resolved.