Which is the best mini excavator to buy?

Which is the best mini excavator to buy?

When it comes to the best all-around mini excavator, we think the G-series from John Deere can’t be beat.

What is the best mini excavator in Australia?

Proving themselves time and time again in the toughest of conditions, Kubota is the name behind Australia’s most trusted range of mini excavators.

Are Cael excavators any good?

No matter what type of work you do – excavation, trenching, or truck loading – CAEL excavators deliver top performance, unmatched versatility, and excellent fuel efficiency. Simple operation, outstanding durability and the latest safety and technology features will help you take your business to the next level.

Are Kubota excavators good?

Three Reasons Kubota Compact Excavators are the Best-Selling in the World. Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time on a construction jobsite knows Kubota compact excavators reign supreme due to their combination of maneuverability, power and reliability.

Are Chinese mini excavators any good?

The quality of small excavators produced by these brands is good. But the price is relatively high. After years of research and development and production, China’s small excavators’ technology has been very mature, the quality is very reliable, and the price is not high. It is the right choice.

Are Komatsu mini excavators any good?

The Komatsu Mini Digger operating weights range from 1 to 5.3 tonnes and they are extremely versatile machines. Due to these machines being very light and compact, as well as exceptionally powerful, they are perfect for use on any site, as they fit particularly well into tight spaces.

Should I buy a Kubota or a cat?

You may pay 5k more for a cat than you will a kubota, but the cat will also be worth 5k more in 1,200 hours. Click to expand… My vote would be a kubota as they are smooth, fast, reliable and fuel efficient. take a look at the 121-3. second would be a cat.

Should I get a Kubota or a Takeuchi?

Ive been using a Hitachi Zaxis, 2.5 ton and its ok, but would prefer a kubota or takeuchi. It lacks a few things, the exhaust is out the botom and when the blade is up the fumes are annoying where as the takeuchi the exhaust it out the top. Also the takeuchi has a engine idle which isnt major but nice feature.

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What size excavator without a thumb?

One suggestion is don’t buy one no matter what brand without a thumb. A TB 53FR or a TB 145 would be in the size range you’re looking for. I have a TB153FR. Other than the AC not working right. Has been a very dependable machine (no down time in the first 1000 hours and counting) and its a very productive excavator.