Which country is this Cherkasy?

Which country is this Cherkasy?

Cherkasy (Ukrainian: Черка́си, pronounced [tʃerˈkɑsɪ]) is a city in central Ukraine….Cherkasy.

Cherkasy Черкаси
Country Ukraine
Oblast Cherkasy Oblast
Raion Cherkasy Raion
First mentioned 1286

How many rivers are there in the Cherkasy region?

More than 1,000 rivers belonging to the basins of the Dnieper and the Southern Buh flow through the Cherkasy region. The main river is the Dnieper (150 km). Its water surface is significantly increased because of the construction of the Kremenchuk (130 km long) and the Kanevsky reservoirs.

Is an oblast like a state?

The manner in which most oblasts function is very similar to how a state would in the USA: they have a seat of government, a legislative body, and a governor plus representation in Moscow at the federal level.

What is the biggest oblast in Russia?

Tyumen Oblast
The largest oblast by geographic size is Tyumen Oblast at 1,435,200km2 (excluding autonomous okrugs Irkutsk Oblast is the largest at 767,900km2) and the smallest is Kaliningrad Oblast at 15,100km2. The most populous oblast is Moscow Oblast at 7,095,120 and the least populous is Magadan Oblast at 156,996.

What is @Cherkasy?

Cherkasy is the cultural, educational and industrial center of Cherkasy Oblast and Central Economical Region of Ukraine. Cherkasy has been known since the 13th century and played a great role in the history of Ukraine.

What is the capital of Cherkasy?

Cherkasy ( Ukrainian: Черка́си, pronounced [tʃerˈkɑsɪ]) is a city in central Ukraine. Cherkasy is the capital of Cherkasy Oblast ( province ), as well as the administrative center of Cherkasky Raion ( district) within the oblast. Population: 272,651 (2021 est.)

Where is Cherkasy Oblast located?

In 1954 the city became the administrative center of Cherkasy Oblast (province), the youngest among other oblasts in Ukraine.

What is the population of Cherkasy in 2015?

According to the newest data, the number of inhabitants of Cherkasy is 284,479 as of 1 October 2015. This number is decreasing because of rising mortality rate, socio-economic situation, and the suburbanisation process in the region. This diagram shows the changes of population in Cherkasy: