Where is unit 13A in Arizona?

Where is unit 13A in Arizona?

In 2018, the Department added the 13AN hunt unit for. This hunt unit encompasses the area of 13A north of HWY 389 and west of the Kaibab Paiute Indian Reservation. Recent surveys in the area indicate a bighorn sheep population distributed throughout the Cottonwood Points Wilderness and adjacent cliff habitat.

What unit is the AZ strip?

Unit 13B
Unit 13B, heralded as the “Arizona Strip,” is managed under alternative management guidelines which focus on the harvest of older age class, mature bucks.

What unit is Flagstaff Arizona?

Hunt Unit 11M (Peaks)

Where is the Arizona Strip for mule deer hunt?

This huge unit located in the northwest corner of the state in Mohave County is known throughout the mule deer world as the place where giant bucks roam. It is the most sought-after deer tag in Arizona, and to thousands of residents and nonresidents alike, it is a tag they hope to draw one day.

Where is the Arizona Strip located?

the Grand Canyon
The Arizona Strip is that area in the very northern part of the state above the Grand Canyon along the border of Utah. It is 200 miles long and accessed only by two major highways on either end. Because of its lack of an easy access, the Strip remains one of the most remote and least-visited parts of the state.

What is the famous Arizona Strip?

The section of Arizona north of the Grand Canyon is known as the Arizona Strip. Its natural and cultural features tie it closely to the biology, geology, and history of Grand Canyon National Park.

Where can I find elk in Unit 7w Arizona?

Elk can be found in areas from Maverick Butte east to O’Leary Mountain. Higher elk densities can be found along the edge of the Kachina Peaks Wilderness. As stated above, with the current lower elk densities in 7-E, scouting prior to your hunt will be crucial to being successful.

Where are the most mule deer in Arizona?

This unit is the eastern side of the legendary Arizona Strip and, along with unit 13B, consistently produces some of the highest scoring mule deer bucks harvested in the state of Arizona and worldwide.