Where is Timberland Bank from?

Where is Timberland Bank from?

Timberland Bank first opened its doors more than 100 years ago in downtown Hoquiam, a booming timber town near the Washington coast. The financial institution evolved with the community, branching out, establishing roots and eventually becoming the community bank that you know today.

Is Timberland Bank a local bank?

Timberland Bank is a community oriented bank with 24 branch locations throughout Western Washington. The bank was established in Hoquiam, WA in 1915 and offers a comprehensive range of retail checking and savings products.

Does Timberland Bank have a credit card?

Credit Cards: Timberland Bank Credit Cards are available through our partnership with ELAN Financial Services. Please visit your branch for an application.

Does Timberland Bank have Zelle?

Bill Pay & Zelle® Timberline Bank allows you to pay your bills online and in our mobile app in three easy steps! That’s it!

How much did timberland make in 2019?

In fiscal year ended March 2019, Timberland had $1.9 billion in revenue, or 15% of VF’s total.

Can I pay bills through Zelle?

Just sync your contacts from your mobile phone to make it easy for friends and family to send you money. Plus, with Zelle® you can split the cost of the bill, and set up future and recurring payments to almost anyone you know who has a bank account in the U.S.

Can Zelle be set up for recurring payments?

How do I set up a recurring payment plan with Zelle®? Once you log in to online banking, choose Payments, and then select Send Money with Zelle®. On the Enter Amount screen, select Change, and then choose Frequency to set up your recurring payment.

Why did Timberlands fail in India?

Mumbai: Timberland, the maker of hiking boots and other outdoor gear, is shuttering its stores across India after it failed to make inroads in the local market due to the presence of a similar local brand Woodland. Woodland was launched by Aero Shoes in the 1990s.