Where is the West band?

Where is the West band?

The West is a Seattle dance band that puts a modern twist on 80s-era New Wave and Post-punk.

Who was in the band Go West?

Peter Cox
Richard DrummieGuitarAlan MurphyTony Beard
Go West/Members
Go West is a two-piece band who were most prominent in the 1980s. It is comprised of Peter Cox, who acts as lead singer and Richard Drummie, rhythm guitarist and backing vocals.

Was there a band called Go West?

Go West are an English pop duo, formed in 1982 by songwriter and lead vocalist Peter Cox (born Kingston, November 17, 1955) and rhythm guitarist, songwriter and producer Richard Drummie (born London, March 20, 1959).

Did the group Gone West break up?

You can feel the pain of a real life breakup in this one. After a short but intriguing run, rootsy supergroup Gone West have officially disbanded. Caillat and Young were engaged 2015 but ended their relationship in April of this year, and then in August announced the band’s breakup, too.

What band is Colbie Caillat in?

Gone WestColbie Caillat / Music group (2018 – 2020)

Where was the band go west from?

London, England
Go West (band)

Go West
Origin London, England
Genres Pop rock, blue-eyed soul
Years active 1982–present
Labels Chrysalis EMI

When did go west come out?

1993Go West / Released

‘Go West’ was released as a single on September 6, 1993. It is the song they originally chose to cover at their Hacienda concert the previous year.

What year was we close our eyes by Go West?

1985We Close Our Eyes / Released

How old is Peter Cox Go West?

66 years (November 17, 1955)Peter Cox / Age

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