Where is the Spiegel Grove?

Where is the Spiegel Grove?

Sinking for reef

Wreck of USS Spiegel Grove
Location Florida, United States
Waterbody Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Nearest land Key Largo
Coordinates 25°04′00.2″N 80°18′00.7″WCoordinates: 25°04′00.2″N 80°18′00.7″W

How far offshore is the Spiegel Grove?

Wrecks often lie in open water — the Spiegel Grove is six miles offshore — so the chances of rough seas are decent. Set up your gear before leaving the dock or early on in the trip out so you’re not fumbling on a bouncing deck at the site.

How deep is the USS Spiegel Grove?

80 feet
Fascinating Dive Opportunity Takes a Turn for the Better. A diver and a friendly bar jack hover over the bow of the Spiegel Grove at a depth of 80 feet.

How big is the Spiegel Grove?

The Spiegel Grove at 510 feet in length, is rivaled only in size by the popular Key West diving site, the USS Vandenburg at 524 feet. An amphibious warship, the Spiegel Grove (LSD-32) is one of the largest artificial wrecks purposely sunk in the Florida Keys. She lies near Delta Shoal offshore of Key Largo Florida.

How deep is the Spiegel?

It lies in 130-feet of water near Dixie Shoals off Key Largo. Dives depths range from 60 to 130 feet with the majority between 80 and 90 ft. of water. The dive boat pulled up to the mooring buoy.

Can I fish at Molasses Reef?

Molasses Reef is the most visited and most beautiful reef track in the Keys. This spur and groove system has many caves and offers both shallow areas for snorkeling and deeper areas in 100′ for fishing. Spearfishing Allowed at this reef.

Can you snorkel Spiegel Grove?

It’s also home to the nation’s first underwater state park, John Pennekamp State Park, as well as the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary where you can snorkel alongside the Christ of the Deep statue. Become a Florida Keys Wreck Trekker! The U.S.S. Spiegel Grove is one of 12 wrecks in the Wreck Trek program.

Are there mooring buoys at Alligator Reef?

Four yellow buoys designate the perimeter of the reef; as anchoring in the SPA is forbidden, there are several buoys in the SPA for mooring boats. Anchoring on the reef is not allowed unless the anchor is fixed to the sandy bottom, as an anchor placed on the reef itself can damage and kill the coral.

Spiegel Grove departs Norfolk, VA. Spiegel Grove arrives off Key Largo. A diver and a friendly bar jack hover over the bow of the Spiegel Grove at a depth of 80 feet. The bow, in its post-hurricane Dennis upright position, is covered with sponges and gorgonia corals.

What has not changed about the Spiegel Grove?

One thing has not change about the Spiegel Grove in its new position. The ship is enormous and much larger than any natural reef structure in the Keys.

What does Spiegel mean?

Spiegel Grove is the name given to the estate of 19th U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes. It was so named for the large puddles of rainwater that collect beneath the towering trees following a storm. “Spiegel” is the German word for mirror – an accurate description for these nature-made reflecting pools.

Can you dive the Spiegel Grove in the keys?

Gary Mace, president of the Upper Keys Dive and Snorkeling Operators Association, says he has specific guidelines that are communicated to his shop’s customers that dive the Spiegel Grove or any artificial reef in the Keys.