Where is the setting of the story the Footnote to Youth?

Where is the setting of the story the Footnote to Youth?

by: Jose Garcia Villa *Where: The setting is in a rural area where life is simple. *When: It happen when sun was already setting in the west, after Dodong was done with his work.

What is the major theme of Footnote to Youth?

The main themes in “Footnote to Youth” are the ignorance of youth, the phases of life, and fear and inaction. The ignorance of youth: The story portrays youth as a time of ignorance and inevitable rash decisions, as well as romanticism and “dreamful sweetness.”

What is the summary of Footnote to Youth by Jose Garcia Villa?

“Footnote to Youth” is a 1932 short story set in the Philippines and centered on Dodong, a farmer’s son who marries young. When seventeen-year-old Dodong decides to marry his sweetheart, Teang, his father feels that Dodong is too young to marry but is unable to stop him.

Why Jose Garcia Villa did not explore the socially significant themes in his writings?

When asked why he did not explore socially significant themes in his writing, Villa replied: Because I am an artist, and in the kind of art I believe in and to which I have given my whole allegiance, there is no place for anything that has to do with social, economic or political problems.

Who is the main character in the story Footnote to Youth?

Dodong. Dodong is the main protagonist of “Footnote to Youth.” He lives in an unspecified rural area in the Philippines with his mother and father. An able-bodied and hardworking teenager, he spends his days plowing the fields with a carabao.

What is the main of idea of footnote?

The central theme of the story is around the excitement of youthful age. Dudong, Teang, Tena and Blas, all are driven by youthful energy and are captivated by such desires. They are oblivious to the serious side of life as they think marriage is all find and play.

Who are the characters in the story Footnote to Youth?

The main characters in “Footnote to Youth” include Dodong, Teang, and Dodong’s father.

  • Dodong is a farmer’s son who marries at seventeen and becomes a father shortly thereafter.
  • Teang is Dodong’s sweetheart, then his wife and the mother of his children.

Who are the characters of the story Footnote to Youth?

In what year was Footnote to Youth published?

1933Footnote to Youth / Originally published
In 1933 his Footnote to Youth: Tales of the Philippines and Others (Charles Scribner’s Sons) became the first book of fiction by a Filipino author published by a major United States-based press.