Where is the key to the reactor in Vault 34?

Where is the key to the reactor in Vault 34?

Open the reactor door to the left of the terminal that unlocks it. There are two vault technicians transformed into glowing ones in the room. Kill them and access the computer terminal in the room (the key to unlock this terminal can be found on the overseer’s body).

How do you unlock the Great Khan armory?

The armory is accessed through a pale yellow cellar door outside of the house. It is occupied by an unnamed Great Khan and the Great Khan armorer. She will trade with the Courier if they have enough fame with the Great Khans.

Are there any survivors in Vault 34?

Vault 34 Dwellers (along with the Boomers and Chris Haversam) are the sole surviving non-ghoul residents of Vault 34 in Fallout: New Vegas.

What weapons do the Great Khans use?


Apparel Weapon Other items
Great Khan simple armor Combat knife Trail carbine, hunting revolver, hunting shotgun, or 12.7mm pistol Bottle caps Chems

What is the-vault 34 in Fallout 76?

-Vault 34 was designed as a ‘throwback’ vault and was heavily inspired by The Glow. It was also designed while listening to Slayer for 7 days in a row. -Vault 34 was originally built in a single worldspace, this was done intentionally to make the player’s compass useless; however, the vault needed to be split up due to console constraints.

Where is vault 34 in real life?

Vault 34 was first mentioned in the Fallout Bible and appears only in Fallout: New Vegas. Behind the scenes [edit | edit source] Vault 34 was designed by Sydney Wolfram. Vault 34 is geographically situated in the same real world location as Frenchman’s mine, which contained a municipal fallout shelter in real life.

How do I activate the vault 34 utility terminal?

To activate the terminal without hacking, backtrack a small amount to the flooded area which will be on your right when facing the armory door. Straight down at the bottom is another dead glowing ghoul ‘vault technician’ under another desk with the Vault 34 utility terminal password.

What’s new in vault 34 final event options?

Changes the Vault 34 final event options. Lets you pick between saving the crops, saving the trapped people, or allowing you to do both at the same time. Other user’s assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors.