Where is the app ini file for iRacing?

Where is the app ini file for iRacing?

ini located in documents/iRacing/app. ini has many settings to tweak. Don’t edit the file while sim is open or it will overwrite your changes.

How do I use iRacing config?

To setup iRacing to use your Oculus, you will need to go to the iRacing UI and click on the helmet at the top right: Then choose Settings: Then click the Interface tab at the top and choose Graphics config: This will open the “Auto-Configure Graphics” setup.

How do I run iRacing in windowed mode?

You will have to run the game in windowed or borderless windowed fashion. Go to graphics settings in iRacing, then just untick fullscreen and border boxes. Then you have to restart the iRacing and it will open in borderless window.

How do I set up triple screens in iRacing?

To enable the triple screen in iRacing, you need to check this options in the sim….Open the sim and go to the Graphics Options.

  1. Select your resolution, in this case, 5760X1080.
  2. Number of screens: 3.
  3. Multi-Projection: enable.
  4. SMP: Under Preference.
  5. Restart iRacing.

Where are iRacing settings?

Open “Options” as soon as you enter the iRacing simulation. The option is visible in the top right-hand corner of the iRacing window. In here, you’ll see setup options for steering, brakes, force feedback and more.

What does the C mean in iRacing?

C Letter = CPU usage for the physics thread (smallest sequence of programmed instructions that can be managed independently). S Letter = Shows the service synchronization state or the “skew” of the connection to the iRacing servers. Green is good, Yellow is average, Orange is fair, and Red is bad.

What is a good FPS for iRacing?

On page 34-3, “for optimal perfomance and mitigating simulator sickness, a frame rate of 30-60 fps is considered minimal, and faster frame rates are desirable. Frame rates of 20 fps or less are noticeable to most people and the choppy image that results can be uncomfortable.”

What is the max resolution for iRacing?

1600×900 Is The Highest Resolution : r/iRacing.

Does Racelabs work in VR?

i like the vr support and i hope the layout builder will support it soon! you can still use it in oculus. It’ll make our native vr integration work with your headset.