Where is Lenka now?

Where is Lenka now?

Lenka currently resides in regional New South Wales, Australia.

What nationality is Lenka?

AustralianLenka / Nationality

What movie is the show by Lenka in?

The Dish2000
Lost Things2003

How tall is Lenka?

5′ 5″Lenka / Height

Is Lenka a Czech name?

Lenka is a Czech and Slovak feminine given name. Independently, it is also a diminutive of another female name, Lena.

What does Lenka mean in Russian?

The name Lenka is primarily a female name of Slavic origin that means Light. diminutive form of Elena.

How do you say Lenka?

The name Lenka can pronounced as “LEHNG-kə” in text or letters. Lenka is bay girl name, main origion is Greek. English meanings of Lenka is “#Torch of light” and popular in Christian religion.

Who is Lenka from Blackswan?

For the uninitiated, the music label of the K-Pop group Blackswan, DR Music, had announced back in May 2021 that they would conduct global auditions to find a replacement for Hyemi who had exited the group. Lenka is one of the two finalists who have been shortlisted to fill the vacant spot in the 5-member girl band.

Who is Lenka Kripac?

As Lenka Kripac, she was a member of the Australian electronic -rock crossover band Decoder Ring for two of their albums. She then moved to California in 2007.

Who is Lenka’s husband?

Lenka creates paper art type stop-motion animated music videos for each of her singles with her husband James Gulliver Hancock, a visual artist from Australia, for a deliberately childlike effect. She provided vocals on two tracks (“Addicted” and “Sunrise”) on German artist Schiller ‘s album Atemlos, released in Germany on 12 March 2010.

How many albums has Lenka Kripac released?

The discography of Lenka Kripac, best known as simply Lenka, a singer-songwriter from New South Wales, Australia, consists of five studio albums and eleven singles. This list does not include material released by Decoder Ring, a band in which Lenka was a member before pursuing a solo career.