Where is Kilcher Bay?

Where is Kilcher Bay?

Kachemak Bay (Dena’ina: Tika Kaq’) is a 40-mi-long (64 km) arm of Cook Inlet in the U.S. state of Alaska, located on the southwest side of the Kenai Peninsula….

Kachemak Bay
Kachemak Bay at sunrise
Kachemak Bay
Location Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Coordinates 59°36′33″N 151°20′51″WCoordinates: 59°36′33″N 151°20′51″W

Where is the Kilcher family homestead located?

Homer, Alaska
Over the course of 80 years, the Kilcher residence has evolved into a 600-acre-big homestead. It is occupied by the latest generation of the Kilcher family. The homestead is located around 11 miles away from the town of Homer, Alaska.

Can you visit the Kilcher Homestead?

The Kilcher homestead is absolutely breathtaking. With only a $10 “donation” per person, this is a must see. The tour starts at 11am and I believe this is the only tour time of the day. The Kilcher homestead property is so large you won’t be able to see any other homes, and you aren’t allowed to go looking!

How many acres does Otto Kilcher own?

600 acres
So they started their homestead on 160 acres of land by Kachemak Bay and an abandoned cabin from a fox trapper. From there it grew by the hands of Yule and Ruth, as well as the eight children they had. As the family grew, so did the homestead. Now it’s about 600 acres.

Are Otto and Atz brothers?

Atz Kilcher was born September 2, 1947. His siblings include his brother, Otto, who co-stars on the Discovery Channel TV show, and 6 sisters: Wurtilla Hepp, Fay Graham, Catkin Kilcher Burton, Stellavera Kilcher, Mossy Kilcher and Sunrise Sjoeberg.

Where do Eivin and Eve Kilcher live?

Join co-stars of Discovery’s Alaska: The Last Frontier, Eivin and Eve Kilcher, for a behind the scenes look at their life on the homestead in Alaska as they show you what it means to live a homestead life no matter where you call home.

Do Eivin and Eve Kilcher have electricity?

Because so many have asked, I have electricity from a power company but i also have a off grid potovoltaic solar panel system for a back-up and summer time use. I earn a living by working my excavator and bulldozer to do dirt work/ heavy landscaping for people in the community.

What is Eivin Kilchers net worth?

Eivin Kilcher net worth: Eivin Kilcher is an American reality television personality and author who has a net worth of $3 million.

Who is Eivin Kilchers dad?

Otto KilcherEivin Kilcher / Father

What is Eivin Kilcher’s occupation?

Eivin Kilcher/Professions