Where is Judge Danforth from?

Where is Judge Danforth from?

Thomas Danforth
Born bapt. November 20, 1623 Framlingham, Suffolk, England
Died November 5, 1699 (aged 76) Province of Massachusetts Bay
Profession Magistrate

Why is hale in Salem?

Hale returns to Salem to convince the condemned prisoners to confess to witchcraft. He does so because he feels responsible for the miscarriage of justice that led them to their current situation….

What motivates Elizabeth lie?

In this case, Elizabeth is lying because she does not want to hurt her husband and his good name. She does not want him to get in trouble for what he did. She has, in the past, been very angry at him for cheating on her, but now she seems to have forgiven him. That is why she lies and he tells the truth.

Why is Danforth skeptical of the evidence?

Danforth is skeptical of the evidence that Proctor and the others present to the court because it isn’t easy for him to comprehend. He thinks that no one would falsely accuse another. The only evidence he needs is an accusation because he believe witchcraft is an ‘invisible crime.

Why does Abigail run away in the end?

In Act IV of The Crucible, Abigail and Mercy flee because Abigail can no longer have what she wants, John Proctor. Both Abigail and Mercy are afraid of the retribution that will come to Salem in the same way that it came to the town of Andover. They are both afraid for their lives, so they run away.

Why is Mrs Putnam jealous of Rebecca Nurse?

Putnam’s jealousy of Rebecca Nurse stems from the fact that Mrs. Putnam has had many children die in childbirth, while Rebecca Nurse has had no problem bearing children. Ultimately, this leads to the accusation of Rebecca Nurse for witchcraft, for which she is sentenced and hanged.

What is the condition of Salem in Act IV?

What is the condition of Salem at this point? Salem is in bad condition because so many people are in jail. Cows roam free and people are fighting over who they belong to (Miller 125). Many of the town’s people are no longer in favor of all the hangings.

Who does Danforth represent in the crucible?

Arthur Miller uses Judge Danforth to represent not only the government’s complete control of America’s early settlers but also to illustrate the arrogance of many of our country’s leaders from Puritan times all the way through Miller’s experience with McCarthyism in the 1950s.

How would you describe Judge Danforth?

Governor Danforth represents rigidity and an over-adherence to the law in The Crucible. Danforth is clearly an intelligent man, highly respected and successful. He arrives in Salem to oversee the trials of the accused witches with a serene sense of his own ability to judge fairly.

How does Elizabeth’s lie affect her husband’s situation?

In Act 3, Elizabeth’s lie further incriminates her husband and causes the court to distrust Proctor’s veracity. Accordingly, when Elizabeth is brought before Danforth, she refuses to confess that her husband has committed the crime of lechery. However, Elizabeth makes the situation worse for her husband.

Who is Danforth?

Judge Danforth is the deputy governor of Massachusetts and he presides over the witch trials in Salem alongside Judge Hathorne. The leading figure among the magistrates, Danforth is a key character in the story. Abigail Williams may be wicked, but Judge Danforth represents something more agonizing: tyranny….

What happens in Act 4 The Crucible?

This act takes place in a jail cell in Salem. Marshal Herrick wakes up the occupants, Sarah Good and Tituba, to move them to a different cell. The two women speak of their plans to fly away to Barbados after the Devil comes for them and transforms them into bluebirds….