Where is arcadis based?

Where is arcadis based?

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Arcadis NV is a global design, engineering and management consulting company based in the Zuidas, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What kind of company is arcadis?

design, engineering and management consulting company
Arcadis is a global design, engineering and management consulting company.

Who owns Arcadis NV?

ArcadisArcadis / Parent organization

What is arcadis known for?

Arcadis is the world’s leading company delivering sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets. We are more than 27,000 people, in over 70 countries, dedicated to improving quality of life.

Who are arcadis competitors?

Competitor comparison

  • Fluor Corp Headquarters. United States of America. No. of employees. 43,717. Revenue.
  • AECOM Headquarters. United States of America. No. of employees. 51,000. Revenue.
  • WSP Global Inc Headquarters. Canada. No. of employees. 55,300. Revenue.
  • KBR Inc Headquarters. United States of America. No. of employees. 29,000.

What is arcadis North America?

Arcadis is the leading global design and consultancy firm for natural and built assets working in partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes through the application of design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services. …

What happened to Hyder Consulting?

Hyder Consulting was a multi-national advisory and design consultancy with particular specialisation in the transport, property, utilities and environmental sectors. The name Hyder is the Welsh word for “confidence”. In October 2014 it was acquired by Arcadis NV.

Is arcadis a good company?

Is Arcadis a good company to work for? Arcadis has an overall rating of 4 out of 5, based on over 2,576 reviews left anonymously by employees. 82% of employees would recommend working at Arcadis to a friend and 74% have a positive outlook for the business.

How many employees does arcadis have?

27,875Arcadis / Number of employees (2019)

What is it like working for Arcadis?

Collaborative environment, diverse yet approachable colleagues. Working at Arcadis is a great experience overall. They really value health and safety and thus, still implements working from home to minimize Covid-19-related impacts.

How is it working for Arcadis?

Arcadis is very good project management and fixture outsourcing company and available globally. Management is very supporting and provide training to keep you updated. Work culture is very friendly and stress free. I enjoyed my work in this company.

Is arcadis a good place to work?

Overall, Arcadis is a decent company to work for, especially for employees in the larger practice areas. There is a good sense of community and company spirit. The company is involved with some interesting projects and has diverse clients in industry and government.