Where is Aitutaki island?

Where is Aitutaki island?

southern Cook Islands
Aitutaki Atoll, one of the southern Cook Islands, a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. Aitutaki Atoll is volcanic in origin and rises to about 450 feet (140 metres). Its 12 offshore islets, however, are low coral formations. The main settlement is Arutanga.

How many people live on Aitutaki?

A major tourist destination, Aitutaki is the second most visited island of the Cook Islands. Aitutaki had a population of 1,712 in 2016. The main village is Arutanga (Arutunga) on the west side….Aitutaki.

Largest settlement Arutanga
Population 1,712

How old is Aitutaki?

Aitutaki was likely first settled around 1100 years ago by Ru who divided the land up among the royal maidens not bothering to give any land to his brothers who got the hump and eventually settled New Zealand. Barring the odd “refueling”, the Cook Islands were first “re-discovered” by Captain James Cook in 1773.

What language is Aitutaki?

Aitutaki is an eastern Polynesian language that is closely related to the languages of the other islands of the southern Cook Islands.

How do you say Merry Christmas in Cook Islands?

Here in the Cook Islands, its not ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry Christmas’, but ‘Meri Kiritimiti’!

Is Aitutaki expensive?

Aitutaki can easily be visited as a day trip. It costs $493 NZD if you book directly with Air Rarotonga and it’s a really good price when you break down the individual cost of the return flight and boat trip. In truth, you can pretty much see it all in a day.

How to get to Aitutaki?


  • AITUTAKI,COOK ISLANDS. COOK ISLANDS: EXPLORING AITUTAKI (Arutanga and Araura Villages). Aitutaki,Cook Islands – “The most beautiful lagoon in the world.”
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  • What to do in Aitutaki?

    Go on a lagoon cruise. Doing a lagoon cruise is definitely the most popular and beautiful thing to do while in Aitutaki.

  • Water activities. There’s no shortage of activities you can do in the lagoon.
  • Sunbathe on Ootu Beach.
  • Enjoy an island night.
  • Hike Maunga Pu.
  • Visit the old church.
  • Drive through the banyan tree.
  • Relax with spa and wellness.
  • What does Aitutaki mean?

    Amuri (Te Upoko Enua)

  • Ureia (Uriuri A Punga)
  • Arutanga (Rutanga O Te Toa)
  • Reureu (Te Mata O Teerui)
  • Nikaupara (Te Maru O Toi)
  • Vaipae (Te Vaipaepae O Pau)
  • Tautu (Titi Ai Tonga)
  • Vaipeka (Te Arekarioi)