Where do I farm khorium ore?

Where do I farm khorium ore?

Farming More Khorium Ore If you get bored of Nagrand, other places to farm are Shadowmoon Valley and Sunwell Isle. I do well in Sunwell Isle, probably because no one else goes there. If your Sunwell isle is not lucky for you, try the Shadowmoon Valley (Outland) route.

Can khorium ore be prospected?

You cannot prospect these. Khorium is a rare spawn vein in place of any vein in Outland, regardless of type, and eternium simply turns up as a bonus from any vein. Other ore, like dark iron or anything used for questing, also cannot be prospected.

Where can I find khorium bars?

Located at 55,37. Right outside the main hall.

What is khorium ore used for TBC?

Khorium, like silver or gold ore, replaces a current node of all Outlands ore. That means that when a vein of Fel Iron/Adamanatite/ Rich Adamantite respawns after someone mines it, it has a small chance of respawning as a Khorium Vein.

When can you mine khorium ore?

Khorium Ore is mined from Khorium veins found in most regions of Outland. A mining skill of 375 or better is required to extract ore from a Khorium Vein.

What level can you mine khorium TBC?

You may gather Khorium with a skill of 370 by using an + 5 Mining (https://tbc.wowhead.com/?item=11203) enchantement which is not that expensiv to get.

What is hardened khorium used for?

Hardened Khorium is an alloy bar made from a mixture of Khorium bars and a Hardened Adamantite Bar. It is most expensive Burning Crusade-era bar to smelt in the game.

Is mining good in TBC?

With the advent of the new Burning Crusade profession Jewelcrafting, Mining is more lucrative than ever! Mining is the main gathering profession for Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, and Engineering, making it the only gathering skill closely associated with more than one manufacturing profession.

When can you smelt khorium?

Smelt Khorium can be learned from Hurnak Grimmord in Honor Hold, 56.63 .

What level do you have to be to mine khorium?

Khorium Ore is mined from Khorium veins found in most regions of Outland. A mining skill of 375 or better is required to extract ore from a Khorium Vein.

Where can I find khorium ore in Wow?

Khorium ore is a rare ore that spawns in Adamantite nodes in Outland, the Burning Crusade continent in World of Warcraft.

What is the best level to farm khorium?

This is a really great ore to farm because it is really valuable. A Khorium Bar can sell for 60 gold. Not a stack, a single bar! You will want to be level 65-70 and have mining at level 375 before trying to farm Khorium.

Where can I farm khorium in Shadowmoon?

Farming Khorium in Shadowmoon Valley. The next best place to farm Khorium is in Shadowmoon Valley. There aren’t as many veins in Shadowmoon but there is a better chance you will see Khorium.

Where can I find khorium veins?

There are a lot of potential Khorium Veins. Each mineral vein that is not a Khorium Vein should be mined in hopes that it will respawn as a Khorium Vein by the time you return on your next pass. Nagrandis a great place because there are so many veins and you will collect a lot of Adamantite while farming Khorium.