Where can I park my car at Virginia Tech?

Where can I park my car at Virginia Tech?

Lower Lot – 505 Beamer Way (24-hour F/S parking) 417 Clay Street Lot (Old Cranwell Lot – 24-hour F/S parking) Basketball Facility Extension Lot (24-hour F/S parking) Dietrick Lot (24-hour F/S parking) Field House Lot (24-hour F/S parking) Hahn Hurst Lot (24-hour F/S parking) Owens Lot (24-hour F/S parking) Pamplin Lot …

Where do students park at Virginia Tech?

The Perry Street Parking Garage has 1,350 spaces for Virginia Tech students and employees. The garage, which was completed in the fiscal year 2012, is aesthetically interesting, functionally efficient, and safe.

Does Virginia Tech have free parking?

Yes. From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, parking on the Virginia Tech campus requires the display of a valid permit, payment of a daily charge, or hourly charge via meters on campus. Visitors to campus and those without a parking permit may: Purchase parking on-demand with the ParkMobile app.

Is parking free on the weekends at Virginia Tech?

Parking is free every day after 5 p.m., and all day Sundays and holidays. Payment for on-street parking is available via meter or pay station. Rates are $1/hour. Meters accept coins, (except pennies), Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

Where do I park for a Virginia Tech football game?

Public parking on campus:

  • Available on game day for $20 (using the ParkMobile app) in designated parking lots on a first-come, first-serve basis. The lot/garage will be marked by signage if full.
  • These locations include: Perry Street Parking Garage. North End Center Parking Garage. Ag Quad Lot. Squires Lot.

How do I get a Virginia Tech parking pass?

Parking permits can be purchased from the online Parking Portal or in-person at Parking Services at 505 Beamer Way. Daily and hourly permits can also be purchased through ParkMobile.

Are visitors allowed at Virginia Tech?

While in-person visits and information sessions have returned, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will continue to offer visitors the option to schedule college and departmental information sessions virtually. Sign up today!

How do I pay my Virginia Tech parking ticket?

Parking fines may be paid by cash, Visa, Master Card, or check payable to Treasurer, Virginia Tech….Payment of Parking Fines

  1. Pay in person at 505 Beamer Way or online.
  2. Mail citation and payment through the United States Postal Service.
  3. Deposit the citation and payment in the lock box outside of Parking Services.

Where do freshmen park at Virginia Tech?

Commuter and graduate students may park in the Commuter section of Litton-Reaves Lot, the Commuter side of the Duck Pond Drive Lot, the Commuter section of Squires Lot, the Track/ Field House Lot, Duck Pond Drive Lot, Smithfield Road Lot, Oak Lane lots, Commuter areas of the Coliseum Lot, and any resident space on …

How do I get a parking pass at Virginia Tech?

Does Virginia Tech allow freshmen to have cars?

Yes, freshmen are permitted to have a car, although it is not necessary. The Blacksburg Transit (BT) bus system circulates on campus continuously, and travels to local shopping areas as well as apartment complexes. For more information about bringing a car to campus, visit www.parking.vt.edu.

Where do students enter Lane Stadium?

Students – your seats are general admission within your assigned areas (North End Zone, Sections 1 and 3 above the portals, and Sections 21, 23, 25, and to the middle of Section 27 where the aisle splits), not anywhere else in the stadium.