Where can I fish in Oak Orchard Creek?

Where can I fish in Oak Orchard Creek?

The most popular areas are located along NY 104 and north of it to the lake. Oak Orchard Marine Park and Orleans Co. Marine Park offer plenty of parking and public access. This creek is known for its beautiful greenish water and manageable flows that offer ideal conditions fish to hide in deep holes.

Where is the best trout fishing in New York State?

5 Great New York Trout Streams

  • UPPER GENESEE RIVER. When I ask fly-fishing friends about the upper Genesee River, they often act puzzled.

Where is the best salmon fishing in New York?

The Salmon River in Oswego County is, by far, the most famous New York stream for Pacific salmon fishing. It is stocked more heavily than any other stream to insure that enough fish make it back to the Salmon River Fish Hatchery in Altmar for spawning and egg collection.

Where can I fish in Sandy Creek NY?

South Sandy Creek, the most popular, is also easy to get to. South Landing Road near Ellisburg takes you to a great fly fishing area on South Sandy Creek. You’ll also find roads off Route 193 that provide access, but the main access near Ellisburg is probably the best for this part of the stream.

Where is Oak Orchard NY?

Oak Orchard, also known as Oak Orchard on-the-Ridge, is a hamlet in the town of Ridgeway in Orleans County, New York, United States. The Cobblestone Inn was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

How thick is the ice on Sodus Bay?

between 3-5 inches
Chaumont Bay has 8 inches of ice, he said, while ice on Sandy Pond and Sodus Bay farther south is between 3-5 inches thick. With more bitter weather in the forecast, expect the ice to stick around at least through the weekend.

What saltwater fish are in season in NY?

Saltwater Fishing Limits

Species Minimum Size Limits (Total Length in Inches) (1) Open Seasons
Scup (Porgy) (3) Anglers aboard licensed party/charter boats 9 Sept 1 – Oct 31
Summer flounder (fluke) (4) 19 May 4 – Sept 30
Black Sea Bass (5) 15 June 23 – Aug 31 Sept 1 – Dec 31
Oyster Toadfish 10 July 16 – May 14

Where can I go salmon fishing in upstate NY?

Lake Ontario tributaries The best time to fish for the chinook salmon in these waters is between September and November. The Black River and North and South Sandy Creeks all are good places to fish for the salmon. Brown trout can also be caught in the Black River and Stony Creek from October to November.

Is the Oak Orchard River the best place to go fishing?

Recent economic conditions may make it more difficult for a fishing trip, but a trip here to the Oak Orchard River and WNY to fish for World Class trout and salmon is still easily the best bargain in trophy fishing.

Why choose Oakoak Orchard tackle&Lodge?

Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge supports pen rearing and any efforts for the betterment of the trib/open Lake fishery collectively and believes both trib and open Lake conservation minded anglers in collaboration with NYSDEC should cooperate for continued World Class trout and salmon fishing opportunities.

What are the tributaries of the Oak Orchard River?

The shop is centrally located to the best western New York Great Lakes tributaries including the Oak Orchard River, Johnson Creek, Sandy Creek, Eighteen Mile Creek (Burt), Marsh Creek, Niagara River, and Genesee River. Other unnamed tribs draw trout and salmon too.

What factors affect trout fishing in the Oak Orchard River?

Good water flows will be the biggest factor for trout and salmon migrations in the Oak Orchard River and in the area smaller tribs and pushing them upstream. Weather and the calendar is the biggest factor for angling pressure and bringing more fishermen out or keeping them indoors.