Where can I fish in Murfreesboro TN?

Where can I fish in Murfreesboro TN?

Fishing Spots Near Murfreesboro TN

  • Long Hunter State Park. Hermitage, TN.
  • Tennessee Boat and Fishing Expo. Lebanon, TN.
  • Henry Horton State Park. Chapel Hill, TN.
  • Old Stone Fort State Park. Manchester, TN.
  • Bledsoe Creek State Park. Gallatin, TN.
  • Edgar Evins State Park. Silver Point, TN.
  • Tims Ford State Park.
  • Rock Island State Park.

Where can I fish in Rutherford County TN?

The Best 10 Fishing in Rutherford County, TN

  • Barfield Crescent Park. 5.1 mi. Disc Golf, Hiking, Parks.
  • Blue Water Catfish Farm. 13.1 mi. Fishing.
  • Walter Hill Dam. 6.3 mi.
  • Brian Carper. 4.3 mi.
  • The Reel Deal Guide Service. 9.4 mi.
  • Stones River Kayak and Canoe Rental. 7.7 mi.
  • Percy Priest Lake. 23.3 mi.
  • Rock Island State Park. 43.8 mi.

What fish are in the Stones River?

Stones River is a stream near Nashville. The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Flathead catfish, and Channel catfish. 187 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local rules and regulations.

What is the best fishing location?

The World’s Best Fishing Spots and Where To Find Them

  • Cairns, Australia. Famous for its Great Barrier Reef, the coast off Eastern Australia is also the world’s best marlin fishing spot.
  • Key West, Florida.
  • Azores, Portugal.
  • Orkney Islands, Scotland.
  • Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  • Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand.

What fish are biting now in Tennessee?

Anglers have been catching largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, white bass, bluegill, and walleye below Chickamauga Dam.

How many rods can you fish with in TN?

Pole or Rod Limit: Unless otherwise noted in this guide or by proclamation, there is no limit on the number of poles an angler may fish at one time.

What is the biggest fish in Tennessee?

Mako shark just freed off Outer Banks returns for bite of research boat, video shows. “Potentially one of the largest and longest living fish in Tennessee, the lake sturgeon is reported to grow to eight feet in length, weigh up to 300 pounds, and live 150 years,” the agency wrote.