Where can I find Congalala in Monster Hunter story?

Where can I find Congalala in Monster Hunter story?

Habitat. In the Old World Congalala reside primarily in areas such as the Jungle, Old Jungle, and Swamp. Their New World counterparts can be found in the Primal Forest, Heaven’s Mount, and Sunken Hollow. Their MHST counterparts are found in Peculiar Den.

Where can I find Gravios in MHS 2?

Gravios can be found in the Volcano and Swamp.

Where can I find Velkhana in mhs2?

Velkhana is found in Loloska and Terga Volcano in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It is one of the Elder Dragons in MH Stories 2.

Where can I find Iodrome in Monster Hunter story?

Iodrome. This is a Boss. It is found in Whitill Forest. It rewards you with Poison Sac and Speed Bead.

Is Gravios in MH rise?

Gravios is a wyvern that is mainly spotted near volcanoes. Just like its name, the “Armor Wyvern”, implies, it has an extremely hard carapace that is hard to penetrate….【Very Likely】Gravios.

First Appearance Monster Hunter (PS2)
Other Name Armor Wyvern

How do you get Lagiacrus in MHS 2?

To get Lagiacrus, you need to do a bit of struggle and progress in your journey to face it in the Boss fight. Expect this story fight to happen at the very end of your journey in Lamure before you enter Terga. Once you have done this, then you can get your hands on Lagiacrus eggs in Monster Dens.

How do you hunt Velkhana?

You need to move as quickly as possible (which isn’t very quick at all) out of the radius. When you’re on the offensive, Flash Pods don’t seem tremendously effective against Velkhana. They bring her to the ground, if she’s in the air, but don’t stun her. She just gets right back up — more aggressive than before.

Where can I find Iodrome?

It is often seen in the various different Swamp and Volcano zones, although as of Monster Hunter 4 Iodrome can also be found in the Everwood.