Where can I find a chansey in Pokemon Platinum?

Where can I find a chansey in Pokemon Platinum?

Chansey Location – How to Get Chansey

Location Method
Route 209 Tall Grass
Route 210 Tall Grass
Trophy Garden Tall Grass (Daily Pokemon)

What Pokemon does Trophy Garden spawn?

Pokémon Platinum – The Trophy Garden. In Pokémon Platinum, like with Diamond & Pearl, Mr. Backlot owns a mansion in Route 212. This mansion has got a garden with many wild Pokémon within, specifically Pichu, Pikachu, Roselia & Staravia.

How do you get Eevee in the Trophy Garden in Pokemon Platinum?

When Mr Backlot mentions Eevee, exit the room and head towards the south side of the Mansion to access the Trophy Garden. Now you can encounter Eevee with a 5% spawn rate in the grass.

Is Chansey rare on Route 209?

Route 209 (Japanese: 209ばんどうろ Route 209) is a route in central Sinnoh, connecting Hearthome City and Solaceon Town….Generation VIII.

Pokémon Chansey
Games SP
Location Grass
Levels 16
Rate 5%

How do you get a Lucky Egg in Pokémon Platinum?

Go to Route 209. Encounter a Chansey using Pokeradar * Fight (or capture) each Chansey you get, and it might be holding a Lucky Egg. You can check its held item with the ability “Frisk” or, you could use the move Thief to acquire it without having to catch it.

How do I access the trophy garden?

The Trophy Garden is already unlocked in the game. Technically if you want to unlock it, you will just need to go through Pastoria City and Route 212. Going through 212 from the Pastoria City side will be a bit rough, given that a lot of the terrain is muddy.

What spawns in Trophy Garden brilliant diamond?

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Trophy Garden has 21 pokemon spawns you can find, 10 of which is Castform who can only be found in Trophy Garden….Pokemon BDSP Trophy Garden Pokemon Spawns.

Method How To Catch Pokemon Spawns
Walking 100 – 20% Chansey Lv. 16-18
Walking 100 – 20% Clefairy Lv. 16-18

Is Eevee always in the Trophy Garden?

Eevee is a special Pokemon in the Trophy Garden, which means it has to be one of the last two Pokemon mentioned by the owner, Mr. Backlot. He mentions a new Pokemon every 24 hours and you can soft reset which Pokemon he mentions, but you have to do it in the first place, otherwise Eevee won’t be there at all.

How do I get porygon BDSP?

Where To Find Porygon in BDSP

  1. First, obtain the National Pokedex.
  2. Go to the Pokemon Mansion located on Route 212.
  3. Speak to Mr.
  4. Once you confirm Porygon can be found in the Trophy Garden, go out and search for it until you encounter and catch it.

Where is the trophy Garden diamond?

Route 212
The Trophy Garden is located out of the back of the Pokémon Mansion on Route 212 in the Sinnoh region. The Trophy Garden is the prized possession of the owner – Backlot – who enjoys boasting about the rare Pokémon who love to gather to admire his garden.

Where is the trophy Garden in Pokemon platinum?

Trophy Garden. The Trophy Garden (Japanese: じまんのうらにわ Pride Backyard) is an area located on Route 212 where many rare Pokémon can be caught. It is located behind the Pokémon Mansion. There are many Pokémon that can be found here without any interaction with the Trophy Garden’s owner, Mr. Backlot.

How do I get more Pokemon to come to the garden?

However, after you get the National Pokédex, even more Pokémon start to come to the garden. Go inside the mansion and talk to Mr. Backlot within the eastern room of the mansion.

Can Chansey use lucky punch in Pokemon?

Chansey is the only Pokémon capable of using the Lucky Punch item. The Nurse Joys of the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions, as well as the Orange Islands, are all known to mainly use Chansey at their Pokémon Centers. The first appearance of such a Chansey was in Pokémon Emergency! .

Where can I find Chansey in Pokemon Stadium 2?

Pokémon Stadium 2: Chansey stars in the mini-game “Egg Emergency”. Players must catch the falling eggs, but avoid the Voltorb. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness: Chansey runs the Chansey Day Care in Treasure Town. This is where the player can hatch their Eggs received as a reward for missions.