Where are the Botany Bay blueprints in Star Trek Fleet Command?

Where are the Botany Bay blueprints in Star Trek Fleet Command?

Botany Bay blueprints appear in Augment Faction Store starting at Ops level 18.

How do I get Vahklas blueprints?

How To Build a Vahklas. You’ll need a level 22 shipyard, and the Unlock Vahklas research to build a Vahklas. You can get extra blueprints by defeating level 28 ships. It takes 50 blueprints if you want to build another one, not that I’d recommend doing so.

How do you get blueprints in Northstar?

The North Star is a grade 3 survey ship. Blueprints of this ship are available via mission rewards, likely from Kra’Hor, Lorillia and Kaikara, in the Neutral Zone, or buy from the store when available & usually connected to an Event.

How do you get a Bortas blueprint?

Blueprints can be obtained from killing level 31+ hostiles and are also available for purchase from the Klingon faction store with a minimum requirement of Consort, for 200 Klingon credits per blueprint.

How do I unlock the Botany Bay?

The Botany Bay is a brand new ship that you can build in Star Trek Fleet Command. To build it, you’ll need blueprints. The easiest way to get them is to head on over to the Faction Store and purchase the six Botany Bay blueprints currently on sale. These refresh every six hours, so keep popping back.

How do you build USS Franklin?

How You Get the Franklin? It takes 90 blueprints to construct the Franklin. You’ll also need a level 17 shipyard. The cheapest way to get the Franklin is by completing the periodically held Franklin events – you could get 45 blueprints by completing a mining and a hostile hunting event.

How do I get USS Franklin blueprints?

How do you unlock the North Star STFC?

How Does One Get a North Star? You’ll need 90 North Star blueprints and a level 18 shipyard to construct one. You can earn up to 18 blueprints from missions. The rest you’ll either need to purchase or get from an events store as available.

Is the Bortas worth building?

The Bortas gives a damage bonus to all ships and defense platforms when defending a station. It’s a good base cracker, pretty good for PvP, in armadas and it’ll help you clear a lot of missions – and it does all of these without having a particularly useful Ship Ability.

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