Where are BBS LM made?

Where are BBS LM made?

There, the basis for perfect forged wheels from our Forged Line is created with great precision according to the typical BBS quality standards. The production facility in Japan is optimally equipped and therefore able to easily meet the highest requirements.

Are BBS wheels lightweight?

Over the decades, BBS has perfected its original forging and cutting technologies. Born of this expertise, this wheel features 5 dynamically slender cross spokes. It not only looks light; it is the lightest of our 17-inch wheels, contributing to an exhilarating drive feel and a sharper handling feel.

What is a BBS LM wheel?

BBS LM wheels are impeccable in power and lightness with modern forging techniques worldwide. The BBS LM is particularly built for high-end, luxury vehicles with its clean edges and excellent shape. It is an aluminum forged wheel with the highest resistance possible using the smallest possible material.

What makes the BBS LM special?

Because, remember, like all BBS Forged wheels, the LM is applied with 18 million pounds of force while it is being formed. This prestigious wheel is named after an equally prestigious event for us petrol heads, the 24 Hours of le Mans. The BBS LM has history and pedigree forged all over the barrel and spokes. Built with the best quality materials.

What brands use BBS wheels?

The companies that requested for BBS to make road wheels are motorsport royalties such as Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW. These three brands are an institution in racing and choosing BBS wheels is a testament to the quality and engineering BBS is known for. Formula 1. DTM. WRC.

What makes the LM-R so special?

In addition, the LM-R’s light, tough, sporty nature leverages technologies developed for BBS’ own Porsche Carrera Cup racing wheel. Which means that this wheel is originally developed for racing which means it can take the abuse of rigorous spirited driving and track days.