When should espalier pears be pruned?

When should espalier pears be pruned?

How to prune established espaliers. Trees should be pruned annually as growth slows down in August. Renovation pruning for restricted forms of apples and pears should be started in the winter, followed by summer pruning the following year.

How do you prune an espalier pear tree in the summer?

Summer prune first in mid June. Lightly prune the current year’s growth, cutting back down to the first bud on the new shoots. When trimming espalier pear trees in summer, do not prune older wood at all. This encourages the tree to produce fruiting spurs, which are regular croppers and produce quality pears.

How do you prune espalier apple trees in the spring?

Cut off the front and back branches from the apple tree with pruning shears in early spring, leaving the central leader and side branches only. Make the cut flush with the tree trunk.

Can You prune an espalier apple tree?

However, pruning is made much more simple using an Espalier training method and on top of this, it is far easier to pick the fruit. Rather than branches being allowed to grow in any direction they please, Espalier apple trees are trained so that the branches grow horizontally out to each side of the main stem.

What is an espalier fruit tree?

Espalier is a method of training trees to grow in a flat, even shape. The most popular types of fruit trees for Espalier are apples and pears. If you have limited space this is an excellent way to maximize your production potential! Can any fruit trees be espaliered?

How do you take care of an espaliered pear tree?

Watering and fertilizing espaliered trees The young tree needs the equivalent of about a gallon of water every 7-10 days until it’s established. If you find that rain is keeping your tree watered, you don’t need to provide any additional water. Just step in when Mother Nature leaves you dry.

Can you train a tree to espalier?

Espaliered trees can be grown: Across a set of sturdy free-standing posts and horizontal wires (as many wine grapes are grown) As we mentioned earlier, apple trees are easy to train to espalier, so we’ll use apple trees in this example.