When can I Enrol for 2022 Deakin?

When can I Enrol for 2022 Deakin?

There’s still time to apply – applications for Trimester 1, 2022 close Sunday 20 February. Browse all start and finish dates for Deakin’s main study periods. You’ll also find dates relating to applications and prospective student events, plus a list of all public holidays and study breaks.

How do you’re Enrol at Deakin?

Re-enrol for 2022

  1. Step 1 – Plan your re-enrolment. Identify the units that you wish to study in 2022 for your course.
  2. Step 2 – Enrol in your units through StudentConnect. Go to StudentConnect, choose the 2022 academic year.
  3. Step 3 – After you re-enrol.

How many units can you fail at Deakin?

Pass Conceded (PC) requirements

Two-year undergraduate course a fail in no more than two other units
Three-year undergraduate course a fail grade in no more than three other units
Four- or five-year undergraduate course a fail grade in no more than four other units

Do you have to do trimester 3 Deakin?

Deakin has three trimesters each year. Trimester 3 takes place over the summer months, and isn’t compulsory, but provides another study option. Trimesters 1 and 2 have approximately the same duration as other universities working on a semester system.

What is Deakin Census date?

The census date is the last day for all students to withdraw from the current study period’s units without reference on your academic record.

How do Deakin trimesters work?

If you’re enrolled in three or more credit points in a trimester, you’re considered a full-time student. Any fewer and you’re considered part time. You can choose how many credit points you study each trimester. You’re able to do more than four credit points in a trimester, but you’ll need faculty approval.

What does re Enrolment mean?

intransitive verb. : to enroll (as in a school or course of study) again decided to reenroll for the fall term After a week’s break 60% of the students re-enroll for more advanced work.— Irwin Ross.

How do I find my electives Deakin?

You’ll know if your course has electives by reading through the course structure, and the course map which you’ll find in the University Handbook. Electives are different to core units in that they don’t have to be directly related to your course of study or even from the Faculty you are in.

What is census date Deakin?

What does XA mean in Deakin results?

Not to be assessed yet
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework

Result Description
WL Withdrawn late
WN Withdrawn fail
WR Withdrawn
XA Not to be assessed yet

What does N mean Deakin?

N. Fail. below 50% UP. Ungraded pass (used when pass or fail are the only possible outcomes for the unit)