Whats a positive word that starts with J?

Whats a positive word that starts with J?

Words Beginning With J That Have 6 or More Letters

Word Definition
jovial (adj.) playful and full of good humor
joyful (adj.) happy, exhibiting joy
joyride (n.) a ride for pleasure
jubilant (adj.) showing great elation or rejoicing

What is the meaning of Fient?

Definition of ‘fient’ 1. an evil spirit; demon; devil. 2.

What are the words of J?

6 letter words that start with J

  • jabbed.
  • jabber.
  • jabiru.
  • jabots.
  • jacals.
  • jacana.
  • jackal.
  • jacked.

What are some words for J?

List of things that start with J

Job Jigsaw puzzle Jam
Jar Jam Jet
Jaw Jug Jade
Jeep Jeans Jelly
Jewel Juice Jacket

What are nouns that start with J?

50 Nouns Starting With J

  • Jab – a quick stab or blow.
  • Jackal – a yellowish-gray wild dog of Asia and North Africa.
  • Jacket – a coat extending to the waist or hips, usually with long sleeves.
  • Jackpot – cumulative stakes or the highest prize, as in a slot machine.

What are some positive words that start with J?

Handsome. This means someone good-looking or something well constructed.

  • Handy. This means something useful and accessible.
  • Happily. This means something performed in a good,happy way.
  • Healthy. This means good health,or defined by feeling well.
  • Ideal. This means an optimal idea or example.
  • Illuminate.
  • Illustrious.
  • Immaculate.
  • Inclusive.
  • Jewell.
  • What are nice words that start with J?

    His actions in court were justified.

  • The family had a nice,relaxing jaunt.
  • The jaw-dropping dress fit her perfectly.
  • Tommy and I went for a joyride.
  • The juggler was amazing.
  • That was the biggest jewel I’d ever seen in a ring.
  • The girl had a joyful expression when she saw her new car.
  • The joke had milk shooting out my nose.
  • What are some words that start with the letter J?

    Jab: To poke or thrust

  • Jacket: A short coat
  • Jar: A glass container,usually round
  • Jaw: The two hinged bones that hold the mouth and teeth
  • Jet: A powerful stream of liquid or gas,or an airplane powered by such a stream
  • Job: One specific work project,or what someone does for money
  • Jog: To run at a medium pace
  • Join: To connect together
  • What are some positive adjectives that begin with the letter J?


  • jaw-dropping
  • jazzy
  • jeweled
  • jocular
  • jocund
  • jolly
  • jovial
  • joyful
  • joyous
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNHvn5pHmWw