What year did the Hoyt Nitrum come out?

What year did the Hoyt Nitrum come out?

Hoyt is a well-established leader in the archery industry, and the company’s all-new 2015 Nitrum Series is designed to push the limits of aluminum riser design while bringing many proven technologies together with a couple new arrivals.

How fast is the Hoyt Nitrum?

350 feet per sec.
Nitrum Turbo by Hoyt actually produces a speed of 350fps ATA, no hype, no gimmicks!…Hoyt Nitrum Turbo Description.

Speed: 350 feet per sec.
Axle to Axle: 33 inches
Brace Height: 6 inches

Is Hoyt a good compound bow?

Hoyt is a proven brand in the industry, well-known for their high quality bows.

What is the Hoyt nitrum 30?

An aluminum riser counterpart to Hoyt’s Carbon Spyder series bows, the Nitrum line – including the Nitrum 30 – is a noticeably well balanced and exceptionally smooth shooting bow. The Nitrum 30 is one of four Nitrum bows in Hoyt’s 2015 lineup.

How much does a Hoyt nitrum bow cost?

At about $950, the Nitrum bows are hardly cheap, though they still sell for about $250 less than Hoyt’s high-end carbon series bows.

How much does the nitrum 30 bow weigh?

Each cam also has a series of modules that cover that specific cam’s draw-length range in half-inch increments. Brace height on the Nitrum 30 is 6.75 inches which aides in forgiveness. Bare bow weight is 3.9 pounds. For the a custom feel the Nitrum can be ordered in a variety of colors and accents along with custom grips.

What are the different types of nitrum bows?

Four Nitrum models are available: the Nitrum 30, with a short axle-to-axle measurement; the Nitrum 34 for those who like a middle-of-the-road bow length; the Nitrum Turbo for the speedsters; and the Nitrum LD to accommodate archers with long wingspans.